Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Tom Waits Rene Magrite

Gnome-CathyWhen I saw Tom Waits at a Bridge School Concert I thought to myself, “Oh oh…something not right with this man.”  But when I saw some of his YouTube videos last night I was totally drawn to this artist.  So I wanted to see if he is genius and checked on the web, but got bored, but not before enjoying, and relating to his Artist Moods…Confident; Eerie; Fractured; Atmospheric; Autumnal; Bitter; Bleak; Brooding; Nostalgic; Quirky; Somber; Wry; Boisterous; Cynical/Sarcastic; Literate; Nocturnal; Ominous; Theatrical; Witty; Confrontational; Dramatic; Gloomy; Reflective; Sentimental; Street-Smart; Humorous; and Wistful.  I never thought to list my artistic moods, or any of my moods, but Mr. Waits’ fits me quite nicely…however, I really would have to add Grateful and Inspirational.

Mr. Waits really could add Inspirational as that is what he is to me (but maybe not one of his moods).  And then there is the art of Rene Magrite to which I was attracted while studying art in school.  Because I, like Mr. Waits, consider ourselves Quirky, I bought tickets to Burning Man so that I could experience a week-full and a city-full of artistic expression (was so drawn to the photo I saw from there of a car entirely covered in Barbie doll heads!).  Unfortunately, that was a year of transition for me and I was called by my new boss, and my Higher Power (not the same), to start on my new transferred position in Hawaii sooner than the Burning Man event.  Thus, never made it to Burning Man.  Never say never.

Where am I going with all of this?  I don’t know.  Just stuff in my head I thought I’d share with you.  I consider myself an artist, like Mr. Waits and Mr. Magrite.  I don’t often show my Quirky and Gloomy side in my artwork, but it’s there, as in the photo of the gnome impaled on the church steeple I made for my gnome-loving best friend.  Was told by some “Too weird.  You’re sick.”  Thank you to all of you artists who inspire me who did not succumb to those words.

For those interested in viewing some of my artwork, please visit my website or my Etsy shop

With that, have a mighty fine day and just BE WHO YOU ARE!  Aloha, Dee


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