I Love What I Have, And I Love What I Don’t Have…Byron Katie


I’m always looking for ideas about which to blog, so my first love is seeing quotes that get my blogging juices going. This quote by Byron Katie was one of those quotes.
Today my life is good. I love what I have, good and bad. Actually I’ve learned that there is no bad, that even the occurrences that come that I do not choose, that initially cause me agitation or anguish, despair or resentment, they’re good too because they are reasons for growth and learning and becoming a more accepting and patient human being.
Today I am so in love with my sobriety, the contentment, peace and freedom it has provided me each and every day. And this gets stronger daily just like I have been taught, “One day at a time.” With that foundation comes a love and respect for myself that I never had until sobriety. And the new found love I have today for my husband is the hugest and greatest gift. Since we sold the truck and he is no longer driving cross-country, since we once again are able to live under one roof and share each other daily, this is a gift that impacts me greatly! My family once again holds the priority it should. And my friends and fellowship keep me balanced.
We have been invited to live in a home that is so spiritual it’s magical. To be able to start and run a business here is icing on the cake. Imagine being excited to wake up every morning to do something about which you’re passionate (for me stained glass), see the ocean, always be outdoors in the warmth of Hawaii, and have cows and wild pigs as company. Pretty awesome dream come true! Throw in a meeting and some daily chores and commitments because I have been gifted early retirement…need I say more?
Now for loving what I don’t have. This is why I attend meetings and surround myself with fellowship regularly. You see, I need to be reminded constantly how much I love that today I don’t have to drink. That wasn’t always the case. Back in ’98 when a Power Greater than Myself thought, “That’s enough for Dee. It’s time for her to share her experience, strength and hope”, I had to drink daily, oftentimes throughout the day. It was no longer fun nor pleasurable. It was necessary. I know now that back in ’98 my dad who died from this disease wrapped his arms around me then gently gave me that push that only a dad could do for his suffering child and nudged me to ask for help. My life has never been the same since.
Yes, I love what I don’t have, that necessity, that obsession, that compulsion to drink. That way of living where life was getting in the way of my drinking, that is no longer here. Magic?We think not. Today a Power Greater than Myself in my life is what I love having the most.
With that, have a mighty fine day! With much Aloha…Dee.

For those interested in Inspirational Gifts in Recovery or Hawaii Art please check out my website at www.DeesignsByHarris.com. Enjoy and Mahalo!


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