Aloha from California

This Aloha Monday Blog is coming from “brrrrr” Ft. Bragg, California.  What a beautiful change to see the colder part of the Pacific Ocean and to see redwoods again.  Seeing and experiencing freeways and mega-cities didn’t happen to give me so much joy, but so good to be “home” again.

I’ve been able to reflect on just how much I live what I’ve learned in recovery.  Firstly, I probably wouldn’t be here in the first place were I still active in my disease.  Secondly, I definitely wouldn’t have been asked to take care of my 98-year old grandma for a week were I still active in my disease.  Last night my granny, mom and I enjoyed Calistoga and the beauty of springtime in the wine country.  Today we’re enjoying the ocean and awesome seafood that I don’t get fresh in Hawaii.  But the most enjoyment is from just hanging with two of my favorite people.  I know in my heart that these are gifts of the program and gifts from my Higher Power.

I landed in Mainlandia on Thursday after a delayed red-eye flight.  Trip didn’t start off as I would have liked, but because I have learned to accept and live life on life’s terms, all went well.  However, somehow, somewhere, I pulled a muscle in my back and am still dealing with the pain, which is subsiding.  No sleep on the red-eye, okay.  Next two nights trying to sleep with a granny who is nocturnal, well that lack of sleep started to take a toll on me.  Definitely experiencing HALT (hungry; angry; lonely; tired).  When TSA inspected my luggage (ok with that) but didn’t repack the way I did, they cracked in 9 places a stained-glass window I carefully and protectively packed in the suitcase.  An entire day looking for repair supplies and reparation of the window…time that could have been spent more meaningfully.  Not my HP’s plan for me. And if my client doesn’t want the window, all for naught?  Never.  Very, very valuable lesson learned by me.

When the flight insurance policy I took out covered delayed luggage but not damaged luggage, okay?  Yep.  Has to be.  And when Mom and I arrived an hour and a half early at a pizzeria to meet my son on his lunch hour only to find out we were waiting at the “other” Giovanni’s on the “other” side of town, okay?  Yep.  I am learning so damn much about myself.  Thought I’d have it together at this stage of my life.

I turned 59 the day I arrived in California.  I knew I was having dinner with family, but I didn’t know I was having a surprise birthday dinner.  When I saw my two sons sitting at the table, I cried.  I was so very touched.  You taught me it’s ok to cry.  And when my long-lost cousin and her hubby joined us, again, so touched.  I got to give my future grand-daughter a pat on my daughter-in-law’s belly.  How sweet is that!  Lots of “get to’s” in my life in recovery.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this blog is in my sober life, I “get to”.  I “get to” experience many joys and I “get to” live life on life’s terms and not react when things don’t happen in that “in a perfect world” way.  I love my life.  I love my sobriety.  I love that my Higher Power has a sense of humor and keeps giving me life lessons which I don’t find funny.  And I loved it when the acupuncturist told me my sleep isn’t so good and that I’m emotional.  That I did find funny.

Yep.  I love it all.  With that, have a mighty fine day, until next week, Aloha…Dee.

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