Short…but Sweet

5 Generations


Back in December when I contemplated coming to the Mainland to spend time with my 98-year grandmother for a week while my aunt, her caregiver, took a well-deserved vacation in Mexico, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I also knew it would be well worth it in the end.

With that week ended, I can now say “Yes, it wasn’t easy, but, yes, it was well worth it!”  Would I do it again?  “Yes!  In a heartbeat!”  Would I do it the same?  “No.  I would allow Grandma the comfort of being in her own home, in her safe place, and not drag her on a 1,000 mile road trip up to Oregon and back.

Although I enjoyed watching Grandma as she took in the scenery, the ocean, the redwoods, the spring flowers colorfully palleting the countryside, I feel it was trying on her, and I know it was trying on me.  Although I was able to enjoy short…but sweet…visits with many long-time friends and family, that was more for me, not for her.  Thinking how good it would be to get Granny away from her routine, to keep her awake during the day so she would sleep at night, good thought…not so easy.

Short…but sweet.  The trip is over.  The week is over.  I had melt downs.    I was in HALT…hungry, angry, lonely, TIRED!  I stayed sober.  I experienced joy.  I experienced my roots.  And I experienced more joy!

Let me mention that were it not for my awesome mom, I would have had many more melt downs.  She was with me every mile of the trip…every step of the way…as she has always been…and know she will always be.  This trip not only brought Granny and me closer, but all three of us!  How good is that?

We ended with a beautiful Baby Shower for Kerri, Cory and baby Isla, incorporated with a Mother’s Day Luncheon.  Five generations!   It was awesome!  Bringing family together for happiness.  Enjoying each other’s company, catching up, talking story.

Nothing worth having is easy.  Pulling this all together was not easy, but so worth it!  So much learned about myself.  So much more to learn.  Good stuff.

Until next week, have a mighty fine day.  Aloha for now…Dee.


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