True Happiness

True Happiness

True Happiness Is Giving It Away

   I’m never gonna forgot the quote, “You can’t keep it unless you give it away.” Because when I stopped giving away my recovery and the gifts I reaped while in recovery, I lost them. It took over 13 years to do so, but, nevertheless, it happened. So when I saw this quote, “True Happiness Is Giving It Away,” it really hit home with me because unless I’m clean and sober, I have no true happiness.
That whole “One Day At A Time” saying holds true in getting sober, staying, sober, and getting unsober as “One Day At A Time” I stopped going to meetings and giving away what I was so freely given to me, so I lost it. My recovery. My happiness. I still got to keep those 13 years for which I am truly grateful and shall always cherish, but how stupid of me to “One Day At A Time” stop being with fellowship and stop being there for newcomers, as there are no guarantees that I’ll get back into my “happy” place.
So being the selfish person that I am who loves her life today, I shall hold tightly to this life of sanity, serenity, and sobriety. And if that means giving away this happiness and contentment, so be it. Small price to pay to reap such great rewards.
Wishing you great rewards and a mighty fine day! With much Aloha…Dee

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