Singing to a Song You Don’t Really Know

Singing to a Song...   This sums up my life in a nutshell!  Singing the song I don’t really know is my life.  That 15 second part I know is my recovery.  And I’m gonna own it! I didn’t want to blog about recovery again this week.  I try to quiet my mind and just go with the flow, but all subject matters bring me back to my recovery.  So, yes, I gonna own it. I have been given tools to live a full, rewarding and meaningful life.  Just so happens these tools came from recovery.  So be it.  So that is what my life today is all about! Short, but sweet.  Now time to play!  Have a mighty fine day…with much aloha…Dee.   For those interested in Inspirational Gifts in Recovery or Hawaii Art, I’ve given my website a facelift.  Please check it out at  Enjoy!


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