The Evolution of “Pane in the Glass” to “Deesigns by Harris” (Part 2)


This is Part 2 of the Evolution of Pane in the Glass, my first stained glass business I started right out of college in the 70’s, to Deesigns by Harris, my business now I have recently brought back to life.  When I left off in Part 1, I had started up Pane in the Glass and had started selling at various craft fairs I found via a craft fair publication (no computers, no apps, no SmartPhones back in the day).

When I started selling I was still working on my degree at Fresno State University.  When I received my degree, I started Pane in the Glass and moved back home to Stockton.  Having done numerous fairs around the Tahoe area and totally falling in love with the area, I moved to Tahoe and continued on with Pane in the Glass.

It was fun and exciting to create new pieces during the week, get in my ’68 Dodge van, and sell at various craft fairs on the weekend.  Things were different back then so I was never scared traveling around by myself in my early 20’s, except in downtown L.A.  Here are some photos of craft fairs I did in Northern California.

    Garberville Fair Squaw Valley Fair Lake Tahoe Fair

Ok, then there was L.A.  Decided to try my hand at wholesaling so I signed up to do a trade show in downtown L.A.  Didn’t make advance hotel reservations.   L.A., right?  Huge place.  Shouldn’t be a problem to find a hotel.  Well, in order to be close to the show, I ended up at this dive close by.  When I went to see about a room, the desk clerk asked, “You’re by yourself?”  When I got my room I was so glad I had my mace because I sprayed cockroaches all night and was creeped out that there were no curtains on the windows, even though I wasn’t on the ground floor.  Next night I slept in my van in the convention center parking lot listening to sirens all night.  Did feel a bit safer though.  At least there were police nearby.

LA Trade Show

   I get some wholesale orders!  Sweet!  My first line sheets were quite sweet…here are some of them.

PitG 1st LineSheet p.2 PitG 1st LineSheet p.3 PitG 1st LineSheet p.4

PitG 1st LineSheet p.5 PitG 1st LineSheet p.6 PitG 1st LineSheet p.7

  I find my pieces with dried flowers pressed between glass are my biggest sellers.  I make hundreds of the different kinds while still traveling around the countryside doing craft fairs on the weekends.

Bevel Cluster, DF Mirrors DF Misc

I start to feel like a machine.  The creativity is gone.  The fun is gone.  The traveling and hotels is getting old.  Dressing up in theme costumes is stupid.  12-hour days at a craft fair is brutal.  When it’s no longer fun, when I’m using drugs to keep me producing and alcohol to bring me down, it’s time to move on.

Stay tuned for part three of “my evolution.”

Have a mighty fine day, everyone, and for those interested in checking out where I am in this phase of my development, please visit my website at