2014 Year-End Blog

Sunrise   Okay.  Christmas is over and this year is coming to an end.  I’ve not written a blog in many a moon, and I feel it’s time.  Why?  Because I’ve been feeling so out of sorts these last few months.  I always feel so much better after writing a blog.  It’s kind of like getting things off my chest, whether verbally, in writing, or via prayer.  It kinda takes the power out of what’s ailing me.

   I was pretty consistent in writing a weekly blog earlier in the year, but I felt my blogs were getting quite redundant, and I heard that as well.  So I backed off.  We’ll see where the New Year takes me with my writing.

   Looking back I feel that this year has been one of great learning.  To take on a new business without the security of a weekly paycheck has been, to say the least, quite difficult.  But again, one of great learning.  I knew when I quit my day job that it wouldn’t be easy and to allow myself a few years to learn, hone my skills, and then review regularly.  Today I am actually getting that excitement back and awakening each morning looking forward to once again being creative.  I’ve reviewed many a quote that I have written on my Vision Board that reminds me “I’m right on track.”…”Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”…”Design counts; don’t put out crap!”…”Value is different than ‘price.’”…and “Jump curves.  Not better sameness.”…all written by Steve Jobs.

   But the best gift was waking up to feedback from a sale that expressed to me, confirmed to me, that, yes, I am right on track…

“Merry Christmas! Just wanted to let you know how much my mom loved the sun catcher! Here’s a picture to prove that you are making a difference in people’s lives and putting smiles on their faces. Thank you so much!!!” and “What a wonderful wonderful form of art! The sun catcher was more beautiful in person. Dee is so passionate and amicable, which makes the transaction so much more personal and meaningful. She truly has been given an incredible gift and I’m glad she is able to share her skill with the world. No regrets on this purchase whatsoever. Looking forward to more purchases in the future!”

   So when the doubt and worry comes into play, aches and pains and family issues appear out of nowhere,  I know I must not succumb to it and to get right back on track.  For me this still takes great effort to put my human junk in the “God Box”, have faith that all is as it should be, and, again, know that I am right on track.  Am I ever gonna get this?  Dunno, but I’ll die trying.

   Celebrating Christmas yesterday with the bulk of family being overseas was indeed difficult.  Even contemplated moving back to the Mainland (that goes in the God Box).  I am so fortunate to have my husband here in Hawaii with me and to have a wonderful relationship with him, and a contentedness I never knew existed.  For many years of our marriage I put our relationship on the back burner being caught up in my addictions and the busyness of raising a family.  I know now that I have a very strong support group in my life and a tool box for living, and most of all a Power Greater Than Myself in my life to guide and protect me, to help me keep my priorities in order, and to help me stay centered allowing me to love myself “just as I am”.

   Pretty sweet, huh?  So why all the gloom and doom lately?  Because of the holidays?  Because I’m human?  Because I’m aging?  Because I’m growing?  Because I’m thinking too much?  “This Too Shall Pass” and I shall be a better person because of the gloomy, doomy days.  I know to reach into my tool box.  And when I remember all I have to be grateful for and to turn it all over to my Higher Power, I know that I have grown and I have hope, light and optimism to share.

   And with that I would like to dedicate this blog to Cason for sharing with me his hope, light and optimism.  And to his mom for doing such an awesome job raising this fine young man!  Blessings to you both…thank you for making my day…and reminding me that “My greatest gift in recovery is sharing it with you!”

   With much Aloha and Happy New Year!

   For those interested in Inspirational Gifts in Recovery and Hawaii Art, please feel free to visit me at www.DeesignsByHarris.com!  Mahalo!