It’s Not the Destination…It’s the Journey


It’s Not the Destination…It’s the Journey

Really? A year and a half since I last posted a blog? I enjoyed writing and posting weekly (30 weeks worth). But most of my blogs were so, well, “recovery”-themed. The reason I started a blog in the first place was that it was highly recommended for a business and I was starting a new business. But what was key in my life and still is is my recovery.

“Recovery from what, pray tell?” Well, mainly from self but also from slips back into alcohol after over 13 years without. “How can that be?”, Inquiry minds want to know. Cuz I stopped giving back what was so freely given me when I desperately needed help back in the 90’s. Cuz I stopped going to meetings to remember how shitty it is being a newcomer. I stopped being of service. I got complacent. I let the gifts in sobriety get in the way of my gifts in sobriety. Simple.

So today I feel I’m back on track. Meetings. Service. Sponsorship. Steps. Life is good. But as I don’t trust my thinking as far as I can spit, this will be my way of life and priority until the day I die. Ok. The recovery part out of the way. So write a blog for my business, huh?

All righty then. What’s new today? Heaps! It’s been two years now since I left Safeway to pursue Deesigns by Harris full-time. I’ve grown by leaps and bounds as far as knowledge goes and wake up each day thirsty (I’m in AA, not OA) for more. I’m still way far away from making even a simple living but I still have hope and optimism and, most days, am enjoying the journey.

I’ve been rethinking my brand and keep being pulled towards creating pieces that speak to me spiritually. So I’m concentrating more on that. I was invited yesterday to display my work in a gallery. How cool is that as that has been a plan of mine for a year now and never felt I had enough “gallery-type” pieces. But with that, if a piece sells at this particular gallery, the commission is 50/50. Therefore, today I rethink my pricing strategy because the formula I use now is no longer a 50/50 wholesale/retail formula. Have lost a lot of money gaining so much knowledge.

I’m also working on getting out of the WalMart mindset and valuing my work as one-of-a-kind bundles of joy that will bring inspiration and brightness to the recipient. I still look at prices on the menu before what it is I’ll be eating. I still go first to the clearance rack. But I don’t save Cool-Whip containers anymore!

Lastly, I am concentrating more on quality of workmanship as opposed to quantity during production. I’ve yet to have a “perfect” piece, but I’m working on it. I want to be proud of my work. I want to be proud of who I am. They go hand in hand.

With that, I’ll end for now.┬áHave a great Aloha Monday! A hui hou!

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