Today…I Am Excited About Everything!

1_XcitedMos (wht)Where have I come from?  Where am I going?  Deesigns by Harris has gone through such growth these last three years of delving into a business of my own full-time.  It’s awesome to realize how much I’ve learned…about business…about art…about people…but most importantly, about me.


When I came into this new world of business I was again fresh in recovery after a few short relapses back into the depths of alcohol and drugs after over a decade of being clean and sober.  I, gratefully, didn’t have to hit a bottom where I no longer had a choice of whether or not I was going to use.  But the addiction was still there, and always will be, as it took over all of me, especially the pre-frontal cortex of my brain always yelling “More!”.  But I learned early on that it would not get better, it would not go away, so out of respect for this disease and out of caution for the progression of this disease, I reconnected to recovery fellowships.  Today I stay close.

Most of my art work at that time was recovery related starting with a heap of stained glass recovery triangles.  With beads.  Without beads.  With “Unity…Service…Recovery” engraved on the beveled triangles, and without.  With colored leaves and without.  Obsessive-compulsive I was, am, and always shall be.  I love selling these as I am carrying the message of recovery to someone who is doing the same.  We converse; we bond.  It’s awesome!


The healing of Hawai’i Island started to strengthen in me.  My designs and work started to take on the Hawai’ian theme.  Very nurturing.  Very calming.  Recently the flow of one of our volcanos has inspired me to create many volcano pieces of art.  Having had the gift of hiking down to the flow filled me with the spirit of Pele and her awesomeness.  Yes, this Island is healing and I am fortunate enough to eat it, breathe it, absorb it into every fiber of my being on a daily basis.

1_VolEruptMos.jpgGentle Breeze Koa FrameIMG_1835.jpg

I am very much taken with hands.  They talk to me.  Nurture me.  They are strong and carry an even stronger message.  So I have designed many a piece incorporating those Healing Hands.  Whose hands are on the face of El Capitan?  God’s?  An Indian’s?  What if those hands were those of a child? or of an elder?  The message would be entirely different.  And the radiant flowing lava hands of Pele creeping away from the volcano making new earth as we speak.  Very healing.  Very thought-provoking.
1_VolPrayHands (stucco)1_ElCapHands(G)Volcano Creeping Hand(G)





But I am so not always this deep spiritual-like person.  Most of me is fun and light and loony.  That’s why I absolutely love dismembering Barbie dolls, sawing the heads in half, and incorporating the pieces into art that brings a smile to your face.  But these pieces also carry messages of getting rebalanced and refocused and to lighten up.

2_NoEvilMos.jpg1_God&SleepMos (wht)

I am excited to wake up everyday, surround myself with the Hawai’i aina, and to work on whatever my Higher Power sees fit for me for the day.  It could be designing, or creating, or book work, or studying.  It’s all about growth and learning and doing what I am so passionate about.  Carrying a message of hope and beauty and fun through my art.

Mahalo for being part of this journey with me.  I shall continue writing this blog every other week and also a quarterly Deesigns by Harris Newsletter showcasing my recent accomplishments.  To visit my website, please visit  Aloha!



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