Carry the Message of Hope

Oftentimes it is hard to stay positive in a world that seems inundated in negativity.  Where does this negativity come from?  We hear about it from others.  We witness on the news.  We here the sirens.  We see the blight.  It’s overwhelming.  Many of our thoughts end up coming from experiences and opinions from others.

But that is what sells news.  How boring would the news be if it focused on all the good humanity has to offer?  So we remain getting drowned in a sea of hopelessness day after day.  I do still feel that most of us humans living on this planet have a good heart; we just hear about the others.

But we have a choice on what we’re going to believe and how we’re going to look at the world.  Negative and bleak? or positive and hopeful?  I choose to see the good in people and I am fortunate to surround myself with genuine folk who want nothing for me but my well-being.  I choose to shut off the news and surf by the endless gossip and bad will that is on the internet.  I also choose to not believe everything I read or see because I know in my heart we are only exposed to what “they” want us to be exposed to.  There is so much going on in our government and in this world we are not privy to.  And for that I am thankful.

Today I choose to carry a message of hope, that most of us are still here for one another.  We still have compassion and empathy.  We still choose to laugh and be kind and be respectful of one another.  We still care about our planet and other countries.  We are all human beings.  Period.  We are mankind.  Period.

So I choose to express my hope through my art.  I am fortunate to be a stained glass artist who tries to create pieces that are thought-provoking and that will get your emotional juices flowing.  The good juices.  You still have them.  I try to create pieces that when looked at you can enjoy and get re-centered and be hopeful.  Yes!  There is hope for us!  There is light at the end of the tunnel!  We just have to not lower ourselves to a level that is beneath us.  Remain strong!  Open that door for someone.  Give them the eye-contact they deserve when you speak to them.  What about a smile or a greeting or, damn, how about a hug?  Who knows?  You might brighten someones day and, if the pay it forward, when you might be down someone just might brighten your day!

Much Aloha!  Dee Harris


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