Bring Light into the World

wedding-dove-stanton-copyShed the weight of mind, body and spirit and live with new lightness and energy. And with this transformation comes the motivation and generosity to bring more light into the lives of those we love. What we all know in our souls is that we’re not alone. We’re all in this together and the potential for transformative joy is unlimited.

Use the wisdom from this experience to help just one person shed one small burden. Share a piece of your light. Your transformation will deepen by this sharing; it will escalate. And that’s how we lift up the world around us.

Your energy has transformed through this experience. Your vibration has transformed. And that transforms the collective energy of the world. Even though we might not see it reported on the evening news, but I do believe that all of us coming together, the energy that we brought to ourselves and collectively with each other, we made the world a little

better………………………………………………………………………………………..Oprah Winfrey


We have joined in a journey of transformation, shedding the burdens that have made life seem limited and full of struggle. Such a journey lasts a lifetime because there is unlimited potential for joy and love that naturally unfolds day by day. You are poised to have small victories and breakthroughs everyday. If you can shed even a small burden everyday and drop even one small piece of self- judgment, you will achieve something great in time. And the time won’t be long.

The secret is to have your vision before you, letting it inspire you to be your true self. With transformation comes the desire to bring more light into the lives of those you love and are close to. This isn’t a solitary journey and never has been. When you carry excess weight physically, mentally, or spiritually, life feels very lonely because no one can carry your burden for you. It becomes a weight, a demand forced on you, that you never wanted. As you experience changes that feel very positive to you, you will have influence in the people in your life you are closest to. But your personal transformation will also have the effect of making the world a better place…a lighter, happier place.


For those close to you who welcome your changes and feel happy for you, now is the time for greater closeness and intimacy. The most important aspect is emotional. You can open up to these people, fully express your newfound lightness and joy and let them share their inner world with you. Everyone’s journey is helped by having a trusted confidant and, perhaps, a sole companion. But your transformation into a lighter, happier and more aware being will help others across the globe even if they are not near you and you have never met them. This is because as we move closer to our core consciousness we are more similar to each other than we are different. As we learn to shed our weight by choosing new perspectives and identities, we create new pathways of transformation in our collective, shared consciousness, making it a little bit easier for anyone else in the world who want to change to follow that pathway. Each conscious step toward lightness we take helps all those who are ready to take their next step of transformation. This is how we each can support the transformation of the world.

I offer my light to everyone…………………………………………………………Deepak Chopra

I have been doing a lot of studying and research lately for my business, Deesigns by Harris, specializing in inspirational stained glass art. I have revamped my brand, my mission statement, my long- and short-term goals. How odd that these all all follow suit with me, Dee Harris, and my mission and purpose and goals.

As I listened to this meditation by Oprah and Deepak, Shedding the Weight, which is actually about the battle of losing weight physically, I realize that it applies to any burden with which one is battling. It really hit home with me and my battle against alcoholism. I am so grateful to have found that I do not have to go this alone; I am not a loser with a self-control issue; there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I came from such a dark purposeless existence to reaching out for help, then, one day at a time, finding I did not have to drink every day; I once again had a choice to pick up or not. And with each day of recovery came that clarity of mind and purpose I must share, I want to share with those still struggling against their demons. If I don’t give it away, I cannot keep it. And I want so badly to keep it, my recovery, as with alcohol, the obsession to drink has now been replaced with the obsession for recovery, and the freedom, love and hope that comes with it.

So what does this have to do with my art? Everything! My art is me, my emotion, my message. Everything happens for a reason and my journey has brought me to a place of gratitude and humility and getting out of self. That is what I strive to share through my art…that everything is perfect just as it is, that you are perfect just as you are. So I try to bring a ray of light, that light at the end of the tunnel, to whoever comes into my bubble today. That is my purpose…………………………………………………………………………………………Dee Harris


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