It’s been said that what every you believe, you are.  Your beliefs are that powerful.  They literally can dictate your reality.  Wherever you are in your life is a reflection of what you believe to be possible for you in this world.  What do you believe is possible for yourself?

Each of our beliefs is influenced by a myriad of life experiences, good and bad.  When you take charge and build up on your positive beliefs, when you are the master of your beliefs, when  you are the creator of your perceptions, you have the power to shift your reality.

When you begin to shape your beliefs the Universe will dream a bigger dream for you than you will have yet dreamt for yourself.  Believe in your dreams and every part of your world will open up in new and glorious ways…because everything is possible!


We’ve seen that your identity, the “I” you call yourself, is built from your beliefs.  This includes the negative and positive beliefs, the hidden and visible beliefs.  Your identity is always on the move depending on how you see yourself and what you believe in.  Static beliefs make life’s journey much more difficult.  If you always have to be a winner, you face an uphill climb everyday.  If you always have to be the one who gives in, the hill is just as steep.

The power of belief should be your strongest ally…and it can be.  At this moment what you believe is already guiding what your life is becoming.  All the labels, tags, memories and assumptions you have tacked to your sense of “I” are churning out responses in your mind and body.  So the question is this, “Are your beliefs directing your life or are you?”  A static belief is like a microchip sending out the same signal over and over because that is how it was programmed.  The process is automatic.  You always have the option of unplugging the chip and changing the program.  You are in charge of your beliefs, not the other way around.

Many people have adopted an exercise.  They write down exactly where they want to be in five years, along with an action plan for how to get there.  For the exercise to really help, however, the action plan must be based on the right beliefs because everything we think, do and say expresses a belief either directly or indirectly.  Because that’s true a better exercise is to write down what you want your beliefs to look like, not five years from now, but five days or weeks or months from now.

Take a common belief like, “My life is working out the way I wanted it to”, which is a belief in low expectations.  The new belief you’d want is, “My life is working out better than I expected it to”.    This is a belief in rising expectations.

What would it take to make this belief become part of who you really are?  Several practical steps are involved.  The first is not to let yourself fall into low expectations.  Examine how you’re selling yourself short.  The second step is to find one part of your life where you can reach greater fulfillment.  And the final step is to take action in this one part of your life, however modest it is.

Higher expectations can be achieved in relationships, in caring for your family, in doing a better job, or in expressing more love.  It can be about asking for more appreciation or taking on bigger challenges.  The same steps work in any situation.  Once you see where the limiting belief is undermining you, you have the choice to believe in yourself instead, going step by step at your own pace, but always progressing.


So true our beliefs are influenced by a myriad of life experiences from the day we were born.  Each sight, sound, taste, smell and feeling has influenced who we are today, like it or not.  Today I strive to shed those “not’s”, to build on my positive beliefs.

But for many decades in my life I did not know how to build on my positive beliefs.  My microchip was screaming out that I was a loser.  I had no positive beliefs.  You see, I am an alcoholic and for a great chunk of my life, I couldn’t stop drinking.  That’s all I could think about.  Everything else was getting in my way of filling that need for alcohol.

It wasn’t until I finally succumbed, surrendered, accepted I needed help…and asked for it…did my beliefs change.  My outlook on life changed.  My love of self slowly emerged.  Freedom and peace was felt.  I couldn’t do this on my own, unplug the chip, change the program.  I had no control over my life.  But surrendering, accepting, and even embracing this disease called alcoholism has allowed this new identity, this person I call “Dee” to surface, to flourish, with the help of a treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous.  They taught me the action plan I needed at that time and I sucked it up like a sponge.  Sweet stuff!

Now I can write down a plan for action for 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months.  But I have learned to never stop “living” in the moment, being grateful and humble for it.  Yes, I need a plan to give me direction for today.

I shall not fall into low expectations, nor shall I fall into high expectations.  I have learned that no expectations lead to no disappointments.  Again, I shall have an action plan to drive me forward, but I shall allow a Power Greater Than Myself guide me to where I need to be.

For those interested in my art with a message of inspiration and unity, please visit my website at DeesignsByHarris.com.  Aloha!


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