How to Truly Trust in Yourself

Day 9 – How to Truly Trust in Yourself

“Assurance of hope is more than life, it is health, strength… and beauty.” – John Charles Ryle

Today’s meditation is about finding a deeper understanding of the word “trust.” Typically, trust is something we have in other people or situations. But such a trust is as fragile as the next unexpected event that could change everything. But there is an unchanging, stable presence of awareness within, which is your true self. When you learn to center yourself in that awareness, you trust in your true self. From there you can never lose that inner trust regardless of what others may say or do.


Welcome to Day 9 of our 21-day meditation experience.  Today is a big day.  You’re opening the door to trusting yourself, your deepest, most essential you.

At some point most of us have been betrayed, hurt or rejected making it difficult to trust other people.  And many times the real problem isn’t that we can’t trust other people it’s that we really can’t trust ourselves.

Best-selling author and spiritual teacher Iyanla Vanzant says, “There’s no greater battle than the battle between the parts of you that want to be healed and the parts of you that are comfortable and content remaining broken.”

Are you in a fight with the world or are you in a fight with part of you that says, “You’re not good enough” or “You can’t do that.”  Well those battles are struggles of the ego.  When you trust your true self you listen and believe the part of you that knows, “You can.  You can do this.  You can do better.”

Iyanla says the key to trust is going within, following your intuition and facing the unknown.  Even though you can’t control the unknown you can control what you believe.  Your beliefs determine what you manifest in your life.  And when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you can trust that, no matter what happens, greater and grander possibilities will rise up in your life.

This meditation is about trusting yourself.  Let’s listen to Deepak and let the trust deepen.


When the realization dawns that inner awareness can take care of life, there is an end to struggle, self-doubt, pessimism, anxiety and lack of trust.  As real hope grows within

a sense of trust and self-assurance rises with it.  This kind of trust based on an unchanging core of consciousness is quite different than our conventional understanding of trust.

For almost everyone the feeling of trust depends on whether other people do and say what you expect of them.  But if you’ve had experiences where your trust was betrayed you know how fragile trust can be.  If our trust requires that other people in outside situations won’t change, then our trust will always be weak.

Because people’s life situations are always changing and unpredictable, basing trust on the expectation of permanence, is unrealistic and below the surface of that kind of trust.

There is doubt and fear.  Real trust must be based on something unchanging, permanent and, therefore, reliable.  That foundation is inside yourself and you have been experiencing it in mediation.

Trusting in the true self is the same as trusting in pure consciousness, the core of your being.  Trusting in yourself is the opposite of having a big ego.  It’s recognizing your true strength, value and ability for what is.  If you don’t look for this inner trust and strength in ourselves, we can mistakenly believe an outside authority can provide it to us.

There are authoritarian figures who may project supreme self-confidence and strength.  But this projection holds up only if others give their power to them.  Trusting in someone else who says they can protect or save you because they have the strength or intelligence you don’t have will only diminish your connection of your own strength, hope, and self-trust.  This is what it means to give your power away to someone.  But your hope, trust, love and creativity is your essence;  it’s your power, and your life.

When hope and trust are grounded in the true self you don’t need to look to others for direct or strength.  You’re confident in your ability to create your personal reality because your trust in yourself is unshakable.


I trust in life because I trust myself.


Om Eem Hreem

My reality is pure intelligence and wholeness.


In order to trust in my true self I must first know who and what my true self is, right?  I have to say I was blessed in finding out who and what I am by being an alcoholic.  It wasn’t until I was in Alcoholics Anonymous that I was given a toolbox for living which included a lesson-plan in Step 4 of The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous which lead me to discovering who I am and what makes me tick.  Exciting, yeah, that that foundation is inside yourself?

Now that I’ve finally discovered my true self, I can be comfortable in my own skin.  I can finally love the person that I am, defects and all.  I can realize that I am not just a barrel-full of defects, but that I also have my God-given gifts.  And one of these gifts is sobriety.  And in order for me to keep that gift (which I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world!) I must give it away.  So now I have a purpose as well…to share my experience, strength and hope with all who enter my “Dee Bubble”.  I had none of this before surrendering to a Power Greater Than Myself (another huge gift of Alcoholics Anonymous) and being sick and tired of being sick and tired in my disease.

I can trust my thoughts and actions today because I have turned my will and life over to my Higher Power.  I’m just along for the ride of my life which is so much easier and lighter and fulfilling and pleasant since I have changed my thinking and myself!  Yes, I trust in life because I trust myself…and my Higher Power!

I am not a spokesperson nor representative of Alcoholics Anonymous, but I am a true believer of the Steps and Traditions.  If you find yourself needing to discover who you really are, there are a wealth of support groups to fit your needs.  I highly recommend taking some time to delve deep within yourself, to shed the shit that weighs you down, to focus on your gifts and to share those gifts!  Get out of your comfort zone (or shall I say “uncomfort zone”) and discover the gifts the Universe has waiting for you!

With much aloha, Dee

For those interested in Inspirational Art with a Message, please visit my website at  Mahalo and enjoy the day!


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