Day 13Finding the Key to Renewal

“Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope in this deep and powerful sense, is… an ability to work for something because it is good.” – Vaclav Havel

The message of hope is that renewal is always possible because life itself is always driven and supported by the forces of renewal. We don’t have to figure out how to transform and renew our life – that knowledge and power is already there in Nature. We see this when our cut finger heals, or the tulips pop up in the spring. In today’s meditation, we learn that the key to transformation is contacting the source of renewal deep within our being and aligning our awareness to that creative energy of life.


I’ve learned over time that to expand my life and experience the greatest fulfillment, I need to give my undivided attention to the activity that’s in front of me at any given moment.  We all have a natural born impulse to evolve, to deepen and to grow.  It’s in the now that we find the energy of hope and where we fuel revitalization.  So welcome to Day 13 – Finding the Key to Renewal.

When I lose focus as I think everybody does, that’s when things start to fall apart.  Falling through the cracks can become unmanageable.  I imagine that this shows up in similar ways in your own life.  In today’s world, living a present life, moment to moment not worrying about what’s going on, what’s gonna happen at 3 o’clock and what’s gonna happen at 7 o’clock, it takes discipline, especially with that smart phone attached to your hands.

Have you set your vision for your life?  Are you clear about what it is you want?  What fills you up?  What matters most?  Well for me I’m happiest when I’m either learning or teaching.  But I can do neither without giving my full attention to whatever or whomever needs my complete focus.  And that means listening with my “whole” self.  All senses attuned to this moment.

Your highest self always aims to stretch, reinvent and renew.  Being aware, moment by moment, will help you modify your vision and continue to grow and rise up.  We all know that the only way to get better at something is to practice it.  So practice living in this moment.


We’ve been talking about change that comes from within by releasing the burden and imprint of the past.  The open awareness of meditation provides that healing of the past and allows for renewal in the present.  In fact renewal is the very nature of life, with every spring, every breath, every sunrise, every thought and every heart beat we see nature’s power of renewal.  Therefore, the growth of renewal and fulfillment we seek outside is already inherent at the core of our life.

Instead of trying to overcome opposing interests and forces in the world to find success and happiness, we only need to be the presence of awareness where life continuously renews itself.  Hope is an ally here because it affirms renewal is always possible.

The core of your being is the impulse to grow and move forward.  We see this in the development of the body from childhood to adulthood.  The same evolutionary impulse exists in the mental and emotional plane with one difference…we must consciously align our awareness with it.  This is how hope fuels your personal evolution and expands your life into greater and greater freedom.  But the choices that make this happen only work in the present.  Renewal can only occur in the now.  Promising to make better choices next time doesn’t work and only pushes us into an imaginary future.

Your cells already know how to live in the present.  They store only enough extra food and oxygen to last a few seconds, relying on the flow of life to bring every necessity.  To translate this wisdom into your personal life is a challenge.  We’ve adjusted to living in a world where accumulating enough money, security, relationships and possessions has become all-consuming.  At an unconscious level we make choices out of habit and old conditioning.  When you bring awareness into the now, you are automatically renewed.  You don’t have to do anything.  Renewal just is.  Once you become aware of it.

It’s ironic that people fear what might happen next because all our lives no one has been able to predict their next thought, much less control it.  In meditation there is no attitude or expectation.  We experience an inner state that is relaxed, open, alert and quietly content.  Nothing strange or exotic is happening.  That’s how the now always feels.  All we have to do is accept.


My choices uphold and support my life.


Om Sarvatva Namah

The wholeness of the universe is my true nature.


When I get in the car to drive, for some crazy reason I must talk to my Higher Power straight away, before turning on the tunes.  I ask that I be mindful, respectful, compassionate.  You see, I have lots on my mind and on my plate.  If I’m thinking about those things, I’m not a very safe driver and your life is important to me.  Asking to be mindful, focused and in the moment sets me (and you) up for a way safer driving experience.

Asking to be respectful and compassionate gets me set up for the experiences I am about to encounter with whatever human being enters my “Dee Bubble”.  I shall make eye contact with you, offer you a genuine smile, and give you the full respect you deserve.  If you give me shit I shall be compassionate and realize I have no idea what’s going on in your life.  I shall not take your shit personally.

This practice, this communication with the Higher Power of my own understanding, gets me centered and ready for the real world which is where I’m going once entering my vehicle.  It only takes a moment and makes the hugest difference on the way my day is going to go…and, perhaps, yours.

Aloha, Dee

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From Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s 21-Day Meditation Experience on HOPE.


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