One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

by Dee Harris



  We have many slogans and quotes in our fellowship to help us through life clean and sober. At first when I saw them hanging on the walls  I thought “for real?”  But with time, clean and not, I have learned to love these slogans; more importantly, I have learned to live these slogans, as they make the course of each and every day a smoother ride.  I believe these slogans not only help those with addictions but help all of us enjoy each day as it was meant to be enjoyed.
“Easy Does It” helps me to be less intense.  “First Things First” helps me to prioritize.  “Live and Let Live” helps me to live in acceptance. “But for the Grace of God” helps me to remember I am not doing this alone.  “One Day at a Time” helps me to take baby steps toward my dreams and aspirations.  “Let Go and Let God” reminds me that I am not in control and to enjoy the ride.
I use these sayings each and every day. They just pop into my head at the times most needed. “Think…Think…Think” is one with which I battled as all through my addiction I thought and rationalized way too much.  I had to learn to live an entirely different way and listen to my heart, not my brain. Today I am able to think with my heart.
I love “KISS…Keep it Simple Stupid” as I tend to create huge mountains of mole hills around me.  An attraction I have to Hawai’i is her simplicity. In this stage of my life I crave simplicity. This slogan helps me to stay on track.
“This Too Shall Pass” helps me to realize that whatever I have on my plate right now is part of my journey and shall subside into bigger and better things. “Faith Without Works is Dead” tells me to walk my talk.  “To Thine Own Self Be True” helps me to love and accept myself for who and what I am.
See how these simple little words beautifully linked together can help one live an easy, simple, optimistic and meaningful existence?  One that really holds strong for me is “Keep Coming Back…It Works” as when I was over 13 years clean and sober and moved to Hawai’i I thought I was fixed. I stopped going to meetings and picking up the phone. More importantly I stopped giving back to those who gave to me when I needed them most. So I picked up.  Duh!  That should be a slogan!  So “Keep Right Size” is another good one.
A few more of my favorites are “Sobriety is a Journey…Not a Destination”, “Live in the NOW”, “There are No Coincidences”, “Willingness is Key” and “You Will Be Amazed”.
Many, many great slogans and tools for living life on life’s terms.  I value each and every one of them. See if one of these slogans can help you through today and appreciate who you are, where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing. If not check out HALT…Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, because when I just can’t turn things around and get back on track, I’m usually in HALT.  Don’t go there…not pretty.
Have a mighty fine day, my friends.  There are no coincidences that we are in each other’s lives!
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