The Matrix of Manifestation: Unbounded Awareness

Energy of Attraction

Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

Day 9

The Matrix of Manifestation: Unbounded Awareness

“I am not absentminded. It is the presence of mind that makes me unaware of
everything else.”  G.K. Chesterton

The skill of manifestation is in using our awakened self-awareness. There are three components to this awareness: expanded consciousness, focused consciousness, and fluid consciousness. The unity of these three creates the matrix of manifestation. Today we will learn about the first aspect: unbounded awareness. This unbounded awareness is our silent, expanded self. It is the un-manifest potentiality from which everything emerges.

In today’s meditation, we will open up to this still, pure self and begin to know it as a unified field of infinite possibilities. In time our meditation experience will mature, and we will learn to think and act from this creative silence, while the mind remains quiet and calm. Our awareness stays unbounded even when the mind has an intention or desire.


What a great gift, and weight off my shoulders, to finally be able to quiet my head and live from my heart.  The honor student, perfectionist, intellect is now gone.  She doesn’t serve me anymore.  No more rationalizations.  No more worry.  Just staying in the moment and breezing by from my heart.  Choose, Dee, devil on the shoulder talking to you from your head or angel on the shoulder nurturing you from your heart?


I am pure unbounded awareness.


Om Hreem
I see the unity behind diversity.


Welcome friends to Day 9 – Unbounded Awareness.  Now that’s something.  From the moment you open your eyes from the miracle of a new day, and every day, is a miracle.  You are conscious that you really are awake.  You’re aware that you’re breathing and moving and thinking.  The more you know your true self, the deeper your soul awareness, the more powerful is your potential to manifest.

We connect with pure unbounded awareness every time we step away from our hurried lives and get silent.  Give yourself some space just to be.  And embrace the stillness, this oneness, with the source of all things.  Source Energy, we call it, is the path to manifesting the life that your soul, your true self, most deeply desires.  Week 2 is all about manifesting this truth.

As your awareness expands so do the blessed possibilities before you… exponentially.  Know that as far deep and wide as you can imagine, that which created you, the universal energy, the divine source force of all beings, can see and create beyond.  Beyond actually resides in the center of your soul and from deep within your center…beyond…is where the universe is guiding you, if you’re paying attention.


I’m so glad I’m learning to live in the moment…in that space right in front of my nose.  And to have faith that everything within and around me is absolutely perfect.  I no longer have to dwell on my past but to use it to gain access to my higher self.  I no longer have to worry about the future as that would mean I am shitting on this moment in front of my nose, that is perfect, and I can never get it back.

When I’m present in the moment I am able to connect with my Higher Power, that which many call the universe, or God, or nature.  My Higher Power consists of them all, and more, and is given permission by me to be in control of my will and my life.  I let God do the driving in our pink convertible Cadillac while we journey through life.  I get to tag along in the passenger seat anxiously awaiting what God has in store for me, teaching me, guiding me, introducing me, nurturing me.

And when I am in that strong connection with my Higher Power I can feel nothing but gratitude and humility.  The blessing surround me.  He has given me a purpose that I am finally ready to take on…”Share your Experience, Strength and Hope with everyone I put into your ‘Dee Bubble’ today.” 

So when God knew that Dee was ready…”When the student is ready, the Master appears”…He pulled me out of the depths of hell in my active alcoholism, guided, nurtured, introduced me to sobriety, and let me taste freedom and goodness.  But remember Dee, “You can’t keep it unless you give it away.”


So let’s try and go there now and join with the infinite power of the universe by meditating on the miracle of it all.


The art of desire is the art of using your self-awareness.  The more you know yourself, the more you can manifest what you want.  The energy of attraction fills an infinite reservoir.  This is pure awareness before it flows out into specific desires.


Self-awareness was foreign to me until I worked the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with a trusted sponsor.  This is where the real light bulb shines!  Discovering me…who I am…what makes me tick…and why?  Holy Moly.  I soaked this up like a sponge and continue to do this on a daily basis. 

This is exciting stuff and helps me to make sense of it all.  I’m finally able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  All because a Power Greater Than Myself had a grander purpose for me.

And as I get to live as the new Dee, the real Dee, I feel a love and acceptance for myself that I’ve never felt before.  When I bottomed out in my disease I absolutely hated and loathed myself.  I didn’t even deserve a space on this planet.  But today being true to myself and not caring what anyone thinks of me (except me and my God), living a truly rigorous honest life, I am witnessing a pull of people being drawn into my bubble.  It’s awesome!


Think of pure awareness as a field of light extending infinitely in all directions.  Here every possibility can become manifest.  Anything you can imagine becomes real here.  So how do you transfer a desire from this infinite field to your daily life?

The Spiritual Tradition of India known as yoga describes three elements that must come together.  The first of these is the ability to go deep into the mind.  The closer you get to your source, the more powerful your intention will be.  To experience unbounded awareness is called Samadhi in Sanskrit.  The name isn’t important.  The important thing is to realize that unbounded awareness is real and you can contact it through meditation.


OK.  I’m fairly new with yoga and meditation.  To go deep into my mind is a scary place for me to be.  I was relieved to finally stop being a “thinker” and finally being a “feeler”.  Letting my heart, or gut, lead me and help me to make wise choices seems to work way better for me today that rationalizing the hell out of any unhealthy thought that pops into my mind.

But the hamster wheel still turns pretty rapidly in my brain, way more often that I would like.  But when I am finally able to quiet my mind and get back in touch with my feelings seems to bring me closer to my Source, my intentions, and my unbounded awareness.


When you experience unbounded awareness, it will often seem that nothing has happened because we’re all used to bounded awareness which is filled with the thoughts, feelings, sensations and images constantly flowing through the mind.  In between each thought, however, is a gap of silence.  In meditation you dive into the gap and each time you do you have tasted the experience of unbounded awareness.  In this silence is the core of your existence.


So I’m hoping that when I can finally have a moment when my mind is quiet that I am, indeed, experiencing unbounded awareness.  It definitely feels right.  I feel in a higher place.


Pure awareness may be silent but it isn’t really empty and far from blank.  Here you’re united with everything in creation.  Here, also, you’re completely wakeful making you aware of who you really are.  One can call this region of the mind the Womb of Creation or the Matrix of Manifestation. 

As you say the mantra in meditation there will be gaps where the mantra has disappeared but other thoughts haven’t entered.  It’s quite incredible from the viewpoint of the active mind that these seemingly insignificant blips of silence contain the true power of mind.  But that’s what the World’s Wisdom Traditions teach.  Now you know the first ingredient necessary for manifestation…unbounded awareness.

As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “I am pure unbounded awareness.  I am pure unbounded awareness.”  Now let’s prepare for our meditation.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply.  With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Om Hreem.”  This mantra dissolves the illusion between the self and the object of experience or thought.  As you repeat the mantra notice awareness becoming alert, still and unbounded.  Repeat it silently to yourself, “Om Hreem.”  With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.


Definitely the mantra du jour.  Dissolving the illusion between the self and the object of experience or thought.  Fake it ’til I make it, just like I did when learning to live without alcohol.  Baby steps.  One day at a time.  And slowly it makes sense…”When the student is ready, the Master appears.”

Thank you for being here.  I appreciate your presence and any feedback that you would like to share.  Know that you are never alone on any journey through life.  Together we can get through anything!

With warmest Aloha,

Dee Harris

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Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, “Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.”  Please continue with your meditation.  I’ll mind the time and when it’s time to end you’ll hear me ring a soft bell.  “Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.”  Just mentally, “Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.”

Chopra Center Meditation


The Biology of Time

“The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein

In reality, time is not a fixed experience that follows the ticking of the clock. It is a fluid, changeable experience. Our bodies measure time in multiple ways depending upon the biological function in various cells and according to different biological rhythms. Our chronological age can vary dramatically from our biological or psychological age. We can change our experience of time through our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. In today’s meditation, we learn that the more we abide in present-moment awareness, our minds and bodies, our beliefs and behaviors, become attuned to the cycles of Nature. Life flows with the timeless rhythms of the universe.


Welcome to Day 2 – The Biology of Time.  Today our focus is how to gain a better understanding of the biology of time.  I’m always fascinated by the inner workings of the body.  Each one of us has an internal clock that regulates just about every process within our own bio-system.  When I think about my own heart quietly pumping away as it has done for the last 63 years bringing life to all other areas of my body. sometimes I think about that, it just makes me want to weep at the miracle of it.

I’ve come to appreciate that my body operates at its own pace, breathing, blinking, seeing, and listening all through nature’s course.  All I have to do is stay attuned to it and will experience that wonderful state of flow where everything within me is aligned.  I realize that my body, just like yours, operates with precision.  It knows that I function best on at least 5-1/2 hours of sleep.  Anything less than that and I notice a lack of focus, listlessness, a waning energy, along with less sharper thinking.  I don’t use an alarm clock…yet.  In perfect rhythm I wake up naturally in between 7:16 and 7:23 every morning.

Most work days are filled with projects I’ve committed to, replying to emails and travel and attending meetings.  The pace can sometimes be hectic but, no matter what, everything for me begins and ends with stillness.  I describe it as a conscious awareness of my presence within the greater presence of all…everything there is.

Whether I’m paying attention to the way the sun is rising or how the mist is rolling in over the trees, I pay attention.  In that moment there’s no 3 o’clock meeting to think about or 6 P.M. dinner to plan and I don’t think about the inevitable daily challenges that arise.  I really have mastered staying in the moment.  I simply trust that when the time comes my whole self will be fully connected to the moment and rise to meet each task just as it did when I first opened my eyes.

Now let’s listen to Deepak and then we’ll meditate.


It seems for me as well that just a few moments after opening my eyes in the morning the list of “to do’s” starts to take over my brain.  Before the fog lifts and totally fills my head, I stop to enjoy the moment, to be grateful, and to turn my will and life and “to do” list over to the care of God as I Understand Him.  In other words, I let my God drive while I enjoy the ride in the passenger seat knowing that all my cares, worries, and “to do’s” will be taken care of just the way they’re supposed to.

If I try to control and perfect my to-do list myself I become pretty overwhelmed pretty quickly.  My head takes over; my heart gets turned off.  Old behavior comes into play.  I forget to stay in conscious contact with my Higher Power.  I forget to be humble and grateful.  So I turn it all over and everything that needs to get done today gets done, usually in a way more successful way than I could have ever done myself.  Pretty sweet!


Looking at carefree children playing we may say wistfully, “They’re having such a good time.  I wish it could last forever”.  But children lost in play have stepped out of time; their experience has nothing to do with clocks, deadlines, or anything of the sort.  This is an important clue about how to approach the reality of time which is a fluid and malleable experience.

We assume time is like an arrow moving in a straight line from past to present to future and measured by a ticking clock.  But time is actually measured by your cells.  It’s a biological function in the body.  The body has dozens of clocks that control long periods of time like when baby teeth appear, or puberty or menopause.  There are medium-term clocks for things like sleep and digestion along with short-term clocks like the rhythm of your breathing and heartbeat.

Our biological age is not necessarily tied to our chronological age.  The body of a stressed-out, unhappy 30 year-old may function like a 50-year old’s body.  How we interpret our experience affects our biology.  Chemical changes in the brain determine whether time is racing or slowing down.  Moments frozen in time are human perceptions.  Even the experience that time vanishes when we go to sleep is an experience based in biology.

So looking at time from the inside isn’t simply psychological.  It’s the right perspective for changing anything you want.  Einstein had a profound thought about this when he said, “The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Go past the illusion and you realize two amazing things.  First, you are the master of time because your beliefs, attitudes and lifestyle choices alter all the effects of time.  Second, if past, present and future are illusions, you are timeless.  This may seem beyond our experience but in our meditation practice we discover that our present awareness is already timeless.  Ever-present awareness is who and what we always are.  That state of peace and calm allows us to navigate the world of clocks and deadlines without being overwhelmed by it.


Weird to think about when I was active in my alcoholism, the “good” Dee was still in there waiting to come out.  Now that I am in recovery I must remember that the “bad (alcoholic) Dee is still in there waiting to come out.  Being active in alcoholism and being active in my recovery definitely alters my beliefs, attitudes and lifestyle choices during that time.  The “getting out of self and feelings” that occurs while active in my disease might seems comforting for the moment, but the fact that “more, more, more” comes into my brain when the first drink enters my body is so not comforting.  It’s slavery.  It’s negative.  It’s sick!

Staying in the present moment of recovery always gets me back into gratitude and humility.  I am so grateful that today I do not HAVE to take a drink.  I have a choice today.  My choice is to pass for right now so that I can avoid the “more, more, more”.  I can experience the state of peace and calm so as not to be overwhelmed by clocks and deadlines.  Peace, calm, gratitude, recovery for me all comes with and from a solid relationship with a Power Greater Than Myself.

Mastery of time is a mind-body project because both are involved in how we experience and process time.  Pay attention to your natural biorhythms, especially sleep.  Sleep resets biorhythms that have become distorted during the day.  Time becomes your friend when you attune yourself to the flow of life as your body is meant to experience it.


While actively drinking my mind and body were enslaved to alcohol.  Life got in the way of my drinking.  I never slept; I just passed out and came to.  Good REM?  I think not.  I am now fortunate to sleep most nights without an alarm clock waking me in the morning.  Just my body and mind excitedly saying, “Sweet!!!  We’re ready to take on the day!!!”  I once again feel friends with not only time, but life itself, and, more importantly, I’m friends with ME!

As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “I attune myself to the flow of life.  I attune myself to the flow of life”.  Now let’s prepare for our meditation.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe slowly and deeply.  With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Shara Vana Ya.  Shara Vana Ya”.  This mantra attunes our mind and body to the cycles of nature.  As you repeat the mantra feel your mind and body absorb the beneficial influence of the universe.  Repeat it silently to yourself, “Shara Vana Ya.  Shara Vana Ya.  Shara Vana Ya”.

With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open into an expanded state of awareness.  Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations in the body, bring your attention back to silently repeating the mantra, “Shara Vana Ya.  Shara Vana Ya.  Shara Vana Ya”.


I attune myself to the flow of life.


Shara Vana Ya
My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the universe.


My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the universe, my Higher Power, my God of My Own Understanding.  Life is sweet.  I wouldn’t go back one day, one minute, one second.  I finally feel a contentment with myself and my life that took 62 years to achieve.  Today I have many good years to give back, to live with purpose.  When I was 20 I had nothing and felt like a waste of space on the planet.  Nope.  Wouldn’t go back one second.

Aloha, and have an awesome day loving yourself…Dee

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From Deepak and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation Series, “Making Every Moment Matter”, a Chopra Center Meditation.


Day 14 – How to Let Life Flow 

“Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror. Just keep going.” – Rainer Maria Rilke
Today’s meditation is about learning to let your life flow without resistance or effort. Living in the flow is not something you figure out, or practice to get right. Living in the flow is a state of consciousness; it is the natural consequence of being self-aware in the moment. In that state of expansive, open, accepting awareness there is no feeling of lack or sense of threat. So there is no need to defend yourself, be aggressive, or resist in order to feel safe and complete. To live in the present is to flow with the universe.


Living in the flow is something I learned to do once I was in recovery.  I learned a whole new way of life…to live from my heart, rather than from my brain.  Until getting clean and sober I rationalized everything.  As an intellectual human being I “thought” that the brain controlled everything, that whatever I set my mind to, I could get.  My mind could not get me sober.  Letting my mind go and living from my heart, in the flow, got me sober.


Welcome to Day 14, our final day in week two – How to Let Life Flow.  One of my favorite words right now is “flow”.  Have you ever heard an athlete, artist or musician describe what it’s like to be in the zone?  They use words like tunnel vision, complete calm, or ultra-focus.  Some even liken it to a spiritual experience, a state of elevated awareness where time feels like it’s slowed down or completely falls away.  Most of us have been in the zone at one point in our lives.  It’s that exhilarating stretch when you know you’ve found the most powerful current and everything just seems to fall into place.


In the zone brings back an entirely different experience to me.  When I was still very active in my disease, I offered to babysit my neighbors’ child.  When they brought her to my house I had been drinking, probably most of the day.  I don’t remember.  All I remember is that I didn’t babysit.  I really don’t remember that as I was in a blackout.  But my kids told me that they came…and they left.

I hate blackouts.  Not knowing what I did is the most awful, gut-wrenching feeling.  “Fishing” for clues is a horrible task.  I could never say that “I drank too much, can’t remember what I did, please tell me.”

Quite a long time later when I was sober and working my steps I got the guts to visit my neighbors, to make my amends.  Gut-wrenching again.  Fishing again.  They told me that when they brought their daughter over so they could enjoy a nice dinner together they found me “zoned” out.  Thus, in the zone holds a different meaning to me.

So then, what causes us to get off track or feeling like we’re suddenly swimming upstream?  Basketball legend Lebron James is considered one of the most intensely focused competitors to ever play the game.  And I once asked Lebron what could possible cause an MVP like him to lose his rhythm on the court.  His response was profound.  He said, “I get off my game when I start playing for others rather than playing for myself.”

This is true for all of us.  We fall off-course the minute our intention shifts from following our heart to responding to what we think others believe.  Spiritual teachers call that mindset “egoic”.  It’s that false self creeping in, constantly trying to take us down, or to prove, or to show, or to show off.  When that happens do what you can to find and follow your flow again,  That’s what I teach all of my girls.


Throughout most of my life I was a people-pleaser.  I know now that I was not comfortable in my own skin.  I did not know who and what I was.  I had no purpose.  I had no Higher Power.  I was living from my brain and not from my heart.  I did not love myself.  Thus I would do whatever it took to make you feel highly of me because I didn’t.  I would put you first, before my family and, definitely, before me.

Today, in recovery, I know, I feel, that I no longer have to do that.  I am finally comfortable in my own skin and even love myself for who and what I am…an alcoholic in recovery who has a Higher Power, who has a purpose to carry the message of experience, strength and hope, who can live from my heart…the flow…and stay out of my head.

If you’re in a situation where you feel out of place, uncomfortable, or it’s just not coming together, change direction; find your flow.  Follow the natural rhythm of your own life and you will find a force far beyond your own because you’re connecting to the force.  That’s all there is.

Let’s listen to Deepak teach us to let life flow and then we’ll meditate.


Change is inevitable, as we all realize, but we accept some changes while resisting others.  We push for the outcomes we like and reject the ones we dislike.  We hold expectations that some major event, getting married, having a child, earning a promotion, will make everything better.  And when things don’t turn out the way we anticipated we are disappointed.  These patterns of expectations and disappointment stop the flow of life, as many people experience on a daily basis.


I love the slogan I learned in AA, “No expectations, no disappointments.”  Going with the flow is a way better, easier, freer way to live!

The opposite of flow is resistance, pushing against what is happening right now for your desired outcome.  Flow is about living without preconceptions or resistance.  However, people will say, “Sometimes I have to resist if I face a situation that is harmful or headed for failure.”

But flow isn’t about passively giving in to everything and, certainly, not giving way to negativity and failure.  Instead flow involves a trust in life to bring what is needed.  In any given situation you are open and offer no resistance.  If the present moment calls for strength, it arises.  If the present moment calls for a creative breakthrough or comment that soothes tension, it arises.


Recovery has gifted me with a Power Greater Than Myself, a God of My Own Understanding.  It has taken many “one day at a time”s to be able to trust, surrender to, accept and embrace this Power.  But I have experienced time and time again that if I do trust and let things happen, if I turn off the self-will and control, that things do happen greater than I could ever have anticipated.  I do get what I need, not what I want.  It’s so perfect!

Any and all responses, including love, insight, truth, creativity and kindness, are available when you’re in the flow.  There is no cut and dry response.  You are as flexible in your response as life itself.

Clearly the way of life ingrained by society isn’t like this.  We are trained to have automatic reactions.  We feel safe behind the familiar boundaries the ego has created.  Being totally open without expectations may initially sound threatening.  But in meditation we experience that this open, unbounded awareness is safe.  In fact, contrary to the ego the only place without fear is total openness.  It is the place where the present moment can do whatever it likes because we are secure in ourselves.  We don’t need to defend our ego boundaries and we don’t suffer because our expectations weren’t met.

Living in the flow is an experience that needs to be nurtured and understood firsthand.  There are definite stages of letting go…working through old fears, dropping your fixed reactions and learning the art of allowing.  As the ego loses its grip a more holistic way of life evolves.  Only in wholeness can there be flow.  Achieving this new state involves a journey into a new conception of time.


Yet another reminder from the word “wholeness”.  While in a 21-day treatment program every morning in Group we were required to introduce ourselves and say an affirmation.  My affirmation was, “I am a good person.  I am a whole person”.  Wow.  This brings back so much transitioning from active alcoholic to grateful alcoholic in recovery.

I hated myself.  I looked myself in the mirror every morning physically putting the letter “L” on my forehead because I was a loser; I could not go a day without drinking.  I felt like shit.  I was a waste of space on the planet.  I had no purpose.  I was so not “a good person” nor “a whole person”.

Is it odd or is it God that today much of my business comes from mosaic affirmations, motivational and inspirational quotes.  And I get to share with customers and people who enter my “Dee bubble” how I got started with affirmations, if they inquire.  They love it.  I love it!  The rigorous honesty.  The openness.

As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “I let my life flow without resistance.  I let my life flow without resistance.”  Now let’s prepare for our meditation.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply.  With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Aham Brahmasmi.  Aham Brahmasmi.”  This mantra  means my individuality is the totality of life.  It reveals that our present moment awareness is always in relationship to everything and everyone in the universe.  Repeat it silently to yourself, “Aham Brahmasmi.  Aham Brahmasmi.  Aham Brahmasmi.”  With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open into an expanded state of awareness.  Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises, or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, “Aham Brahmasmi.  Aham Brahmasmi.  Aham Brahmasmi.”


I let my life flow without resistance.


Aham Brahmasmi
The true nature of myself is the wholeness of the universe.


Mahalo for your time in sharing this meditation experience with me.  This is one small way I get to share my purpose…sharing my Experience, Strength and Hope.  If I don’t give it away, I can’t keep what was so freely given me when I needed it most.

Aloha, Dee

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From Deepak and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation Series, “Making Every Moment Matter”, a Chopra Center Meditation.