7 Steps to Loving Yourself Unconditionally

7 Steps to Loving Yourself Unconditionally 

By Deepak Chopra, M.D. (/bios/deepak-chopra) 

A mother loves her newborn child without reservation, and romantic love, in its first stages of infatuation, can make the beloved seem perfect. But most of us doubt that love without reservation, completely forgiving and accepting, exists in our everyday lives.  Looking in the mirror, all of us see too many flaws and remember too many past wounds and failings to love ourselves without also putting a limit on it. 


I’m looking in the bathroom mirror like so many times before.  I feel contempt and disgust at the person in the reflection.  That person is nothing but a loser and the “L” made from her hand placed over her forehead says it loud and clear.  That person is a waste of space on this planet.

That person is me.  That person cannot go one damned day without drinking.  No matter how hard I try, I HAVE TO drink everyday.  No matter how many different ways I try to stop, nothing works.

My brain cannot figure this out.  I am not stupid.  I graduated cum laude from college.  I am not homeless.  I am married with two boys and have a home, two cars, a dog and a job.  I am not abused.  I come from a supportive and loving family and have many dear friends.  So what gives?

I am an alcoholic.  I find this out when I check myself into rehab.  I put myself there when I missed my shift at work and just couldn’t do this anymore.  Drink everyday starting in the morning, sobering up for my husband’s lunch at home, drinking again, passing out on the sofa using my kids coming home from school as my alarm clock to get up and get ready for work, still partially drunk or hung over.  

That’s what I remember about my drinking.  Fun, huh?  Life of the party?  No, I was a closet drinker because I was so ashamed about how much I drank, how often I drank, my black-outs and my pass-outs.

This journey has been the best thing that every happened to me.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not experienced what was meant to be.  I wouldn’t have a god of my understanding in my life today, guiding, protecting, teaching and loving me had I not had these experiences.  I wouldn’t have learned to live from my heart and shut off my head had I not bottomed out.  I wouldn’t have the self-love, self-worth and self-respect I have for myself today were I not an alcoholic.

In order to expand the love you experience now into unconditional love, a spiritual element is involved. There’s a path to unconditional love, as with any spiritual aspiration, and on this path success depends on allowing the goal to unfold naturally. The world’s wisdom traditions have provided many road maps, but here I’ll offer a few common elements without religious overlay. 

Step 1: Make Contact with Your Inner Self 

This implies paying more attention to self-care. Through meditation, self-reflection, or contemplation, and the experience of quiet at least a few minutes every day, you make contact with your inner world. You learn to appreciate and enjoy it. 


I have been blessed to have been introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous which started my new journey through life.  Because I did what was suggested in AA which was to attend meetings, get a sponsor, work the 12 Steps, read the Big Book, and be of service, I have a new life and a purpose today of sharing my experience strength and hope.  And because I have a Power Greater Than Myself over to whom I can turn my will and my life, I have can be grateful and humble.

I have learned to live in the present moment, not dwell on the past, nor fear the future.  I can be mindful, respectful, compassionate and loving today which means I no longer have to battle my ego nor be the selfish and fearful human being I once was.  

Living this spiritual life in AA has opened up new doors for me practicing meditation and yoga and taking a genuine and heart-felt interest in humanity and our planet.  But I still am a human being with weaknesses and defects; I still find myself at times in my old behavior.  I still like to eat the occasional Twinkie or Big Mac, I can still curse at you and flip you off in traffic, I can still think of lies I to tell you and things I want to hide fro you, but I can still love myself for who and what I am, and I definitely don’t have to beat up on myself nor take a drink.

You see, when my old behavior, my negative behavior, surfaces, I get this shitty and uncomfortable feeling in my gut.  It doesn’t feel good and definitely doesn’t feel right.  It doesn’t serve me.  When that happens I know that I am not in the moment and I am not one with my god.  So I get myself back in the moment, get grateful, and get humble and remember where I came from, where I am now, and remember who is in charge.  Not me.  I cherish these feelings, embrace them, then let them go.  My life and my behavior once again gets happy, joyous and free.

Step 2: Honestly Face Your Inner Obstacles and Resistance 

Most people don’t like to face their weaknesses (http://www.chopra.com/ccl/break-on-through-a- meditation-for-overcoming-obstacles) and flaws because they judge against them. But you are only human, and you will find that your sense of insecurity and anxiety represents feelings from the past that can be healed. In fact, they want to be released if you will give them a chance. 

The first step in healing is to look inside and let the process of releasing begin. Healing can proceed along many avenues—from therapy and support groups, to energy work, massage, mind-body programs, and various Eastern medical approaches. 


Working the 12 Steps has helped me to discover what makes Dee tick.  I’ve learned how fear-based I have lived and discovered why.  I have unlearned all the bullshit to which I have been exposed throughout my entire life by a society of power-hungry go-getters, critics, and back-stabbers.  I don’t have resentments, but acceptance and compassion for the negatives that surround me and my fellows.  I still have hope.

I am still my own worst critic.  Having been a people-pleaser, perfectionist, and over-achiever for most of my life is hard to unlearn but is proving to be the greatest gift I can give myself.  If I can remember that my god loves me just the way I am, that I am just the way I am at this moment, that I have nothing to prove to anyone and answer only to myself and my god, I can cease to be so hard on myself.  

I can scrape together a pile of Dee assets that makes me special and unique to this world, gifts that no one else on the planet has.  I can remember that God has given me a special purpose and trusts me to carry out that purpose.  Hey, yeah.  I AM pretty special.

Step 3: Deal with Old Wounds 

One could also call this advanced healing. As old residues of negative emotions are released, you find that you are stuck with resentments, hurts, and scars that must be dealt with. Beneath the scar such wounds feel very fresh. It takes help from someone else who understands the situation to go into these dark places—it could be a close friend, mentor, confidante, priest, or therapist. No one can do this work alone, I feel, but I’m not underlining any sense of danger or fear. The work can be done safely, without anxiety, and once you start, there’s a tremendous sense of exhilaration, even triumph in the process. Just find someone who has walked the path successfully and sympathizes with you fully. 


I have found a group of like-minded people in AA and I have found that they genuinely care about me and ask for nothing in return.  They do not judge.  They have compassion.  They are mindful and respectful.  They let me speak my mind and guide me into my heart.  They do not interrupt nor point the finger of guilt nor shame at me.  I feel most comfortable being around the AA fellowship where I can easily be myself and be rigorously honest.  

Having had many trusted sponsors throughout my years of sobriety has given me a new freedom where the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.  Working the 12 Steps of AA with these women has helped me to make sense of this life, but, more importantly, to make sense of ME.

I can now see and own up to my part in resentments, hurts and scars.  I can embrace these feelings for helping bring me to this level in my life, thank them for coming, and then let them lovingly blow away into the clouds.  I no longer feel so vulnerable, guilt-ridden nor ashamed.  I no longer feel hate nor play the part of the victim.  Everything happens for a reason and I can look at it in a positive way and grow and prosper, or I can sit on the pitty-pot and stay stagnant in this pile of shit.

Step 4: Forgive Your Past 

You shouldn’t jump too quickly into forgiveness. It’s all too easy to pretend to yourself that you forgive old hurts (http://www.chopra.com/ccl/how-to-release-the-past-and-return-to-love) and abusive treatment, when in fact what you are eager for is to escape the pain. The absence of pain, achieved through healing, gives you the right foundation for deep, lasting forgiveness. Self-acceptance is required first, and the realization that you—and everyone around you—has been doing the best they can from their own level of awareness. This can be quite a challenge when someone has hurt you deeply, but you can’t fully separate from wrongdoing until you accept that others are trapped inside a reality they can’t escape. 


We all have our demons, secrets, dysfunctions and darkness.  Trying to put myself in others’ shoes when I feel they have wronged helps me to be more compassionate, forgiving and understanding.  I do not know what kind of life anyone else on this planet has gone through.  

I cannot judge you unless I have walked in your shoes.  So I don’t.  We are all just brothers and sisters doing our best sharing this planet.  If I can forgive others in this way, I must forgive myself in the same loving manner.  So I must believe that my life has unfolded and is unfolding in just perfectly.  No finger-pointing, blame or guilt about what I have done in my past.  No more hating and loathing myself for thoughts and actions that are now behind me.  They have brought me to today.  Self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love are now in my vocabulary…are now in my life.

Step 5: Accept where You Are Right Now 

This, too, is a stage you shouldn’t jump into too quickly. The present moment isn’t free of the burdens, memories, and wounds of the past. They must be attended to before you can look around, breathe easily, and love the moment you are in right now. A good beginning is to catch yourself when you have a bad memory and say, “I am not that person anymore.” For the truth is that you aren’t. 


Stay in the present moment right in front of your nose.  Dwelling in or on the past, whether with good or bad memories, doesn’t serve us but should be used to help us to achieve a level greater than where we were then.  Worrying or fearing the future doesn’t serve us either for it may never come and only drives us to shit on this precious moment in which we should appreciating now.  

And in this present moment of appreciation and gratitude may come the humility that God is in control and will do the worrying for us, so to speak.  He’s got our backs and wants us to enjoy His gifts fully.  It takes so much energy to worry and fret, to be negative and resentful.  Being positive is being free and faithful.

Step 6: Form Relationships where You Feel Loved and Appreciated 

The path to unconditional love isn’t meant to be lonely. You should walk it with people who reflect the love you see in yourself. You are likely to look around at some point and realize that not everyone among your family and friends are in sync with your aspirations. Without rejecting them, you have the right to find people who understand the path you’re walking and sympathize with it. They are more likely to appreciate you for who you are now and who you want to become. 


Isn’t it wonderful that we are not all like-minded?  That we all have our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions that are right for us, in this moment.  No one is right.  No one is wrong.  We are all on our own journeys and if my beliefs don’t serve you, walk away, as I shall when your beliefs don’t jive with mine.  I don’t have to start a war with you nor kill you and all those who believe the way you do.  I can just move on and let you live in peace, sharing this planet, and respecting you and your ideals.  Life would be pretty boring if we all thought and acted the same.

But the feeling of acceptance and comfort that comes from being with like-minded people is like apple pie…comfort food…that nourishes the soul; it’s such a gift, an intended gift from my Higher Power, given me with the hopes I am open and aware enough to see and experience it.  

I am finding that the more I allow myself to just be me, to open up to others, to be rigorously honest, there are way more like-minded people who come into my Dee Bubble.  And when I can remember to get out of self, to give you the mindfulness, respect and compassion that you deserve, we have a win-win relationship, bonding, gift.

Step 7: Practice the Kind of Love You Aspire to Receive 

Long ago, around the time I wrote a book called, The Path to Love (https://www.amazon.com/Path- Love-Spiritual-Strategies-Healing/dp/060980135X), I encountered many people—most of them women —who were constantly waiting for “the one” to show up and sweep them off their feet. But the only way to realistically find “the one” is to be “the one” yourself. Like attracts like (http://www.chopra.com/ccl/intention-attention-no-tension-3-tips-to-master-the-law-of-attraction), and the more you live your own ideal of love, the more your light will draw another light to you. This single point, I am told, has helped most people find their love. 

If you spend time every day with one or two of these steps, you will find a practical road that takes you to more love than you have in your life today. The steps unfold naturally once you begin to devote attention to them. You were born to be perfectly loved and completely lovable. The loss of that status is what’s unnatural—not wanting to return to it—and the return means reconnecting with your true self. The path has been walked successfully for centuries, so I hope you take heart and join the fortunate ones who aspire this high. There is no better time to begin than now. 


Today I am living a spiritual life which happened to come from hitting a bottom in my active alcoholism.  Many find this spiritual life in many ways, on their paths and journeys, with their Higher Powers.  I find such joy sharing my experience, strength and hope with them as they share theirs’ with me.

More so than not I am living what I have learned from Alcoholics Anonymous, but could have been learned in many of the other awesome and helpful support groups we have available to us.  I encourage everyone to find a support group, or even a person, that can help you to be the best you that your god intended you to be.

We have all been given our journeys and it’s up to us what we’re going to do with it.  I have learned that choosing negativity uses way too much energy these days and doesn’t serve me.  So I choose to be positive, optimistic and loving.  I choose to go with the flow of life that my Higher Power intended me to experience.  So as my Higher Power is in the driver’s seat, I enjoy riding along in the passenger seat learning, meeting, experiencing LIFE just as it was meant to be.

And the icing on the cake, the rich butter-cream goodness that takes me to a whole new level and brings me even more joy that I could have ever asked for or even know existed, is that I get to share this goodness with you and everyone who enters my Bubble.  I do this by going to AA meetings, by opening the restaurant door for you, by smiling at you in the parking lot, by writing this blog, by creating art to offer you with the hopes I can bring hope and optimism, self-love and self-worth to your home, but, more so, into your heart!

I encourage you to get back to me with your thoughts and feelings.  We are all in this together and are on this planet to love and help each other.  With much aloha, Dee Harris

For those of you who would like to see the Art with a Message of Inspiration that I have created just for you, please visit my website at www.DeesignsByHarris.com.  Mahalo and enjoy!

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About the Author 

Deepak Chopra, M.D. (/bios/deepak-chopra) Co-Founder 

Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and a professor at UCSD. Deepak Chopra is the author of more than 80 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. For the last three years, Greatist.com recognizes Dr. Chopra as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness.” The World Post…Read more (/bios/deepak-chopra) 

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The Matrix of Manifestation: Focus

Energy of Attraction 

Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

Day 10

The Matrix of Manifestation: Focus

“Follow your deepest dream, the one you had as a kid… but stay focused.”

 ― Donal Logue

Our meditation today deals with the second element of the matrix of manifestation: our focus of attention. Just as focused light through a magnifying glass becomes more concentrated and powerful, the light of our consciousness also becomes more powerful when our attention is focused. This concentrated awareness awakens the dormant intelligence within our intention. It is like the warmth that helps the seed of desire sprout.

Today’s meditation will show us that the mind can experience deep focus easily, without strain or effort. When the mind is quiet, deep focus comes effortlessly and naturally. Unbounded awareness and sharp focus not only coexist, but they are mutually supportive, and together they form two of the three elements of awareness in the matrix of manifestation.


Much harder for me to focus rather that be in unbounded awareness.  Knowing my Higher Power has all control in His omnipresent and omnipotent way helps me to be in unbounded awareness.

But focusing this constantly chattering alcoholic mind is a totally different endeavor.  I am allowed just short moments of one thought or no thought.  A second here and a second there.  I earnestly look forward to the quieting of my mind.  And then the focus.


My awareness is focused.


Ksham Hoom
My universal awareness holds a single focus.


Welcome to Day 10 – Focus.  Once we recognize ourselves as unbounded awareness we have this magnificent opportunity.  We can direct that awareness toward life-giving soul-affirming desires, because what you focus on expands.  So when you give your full attention to that which fills you up, that which brings you light, that which connects you with your passion and purpose, there’s a whole new dimension of joy awaiting you.  

Don’t give your attention to that which you don’t want because the energy of attraction is powered by focus.  Sustained faithful attention to your vision is what nourishes your desires and allows them to blossom.


I don’t want negativity in my life.  It encourages agitation in me.  Agitation takes away my peace and calmness.  Therefore, I strive to live in a positive light; even when many may consider certain occurrences negative, I tend to find a positive side to them.

And I find that when I live with a positive mindset, more positivity enters my life.  Not to say that shit doesn’t happen; I just choose to not let it hit the fan.  I am constantly reminding myself that everything happens for a reason and this moment is just perfect.


So unbounded awareness reaches out and unites with the infinite magnificence of everything that’s possible.  Pure awareness fused with faithful focus is the magic that creates manifestation.  Deepak takes us to this magical meeting point now in today’s meditation.


The second element in the art of desire is focus or concentration.  When a magnifying glass is held up to the sun, all of the sun’s light is focused to a point.  In the same way when you have a specific desire, you’re focusing pure awareness into a point.  The state of attention focused on a desire is called Arana in Sanskrit.  Once again the word isn’t important.  What’s important is the creative power that increases the more one-pointed you are.  

In everyday usage concentrating the mind brings up images of hard work…the struggle to avoid distractions and keep your mind on the task at hand.  But not in this case.  If you are sitting in the silent depth of the mind, focus comes easily.  It’s as natural as any other thought.  The magic is contained in the coming together of two things that seem like opposites…unbounded awareness and focused awareness.

But they don’t really contradict each other.  A laser beam is the sharpest most focused light in existence and yet the power that creates it is generated by the total unbounded field of light.  Now you know that the key to unharnessing the energy of attraction requires being unbounded and focused, at the same time.

This is what happens in meditation.  Unbounded awareness is the reservoir of possibilities.  A desire is like the water you take from the reservoir one visit at a time.  Meditation practice trains our attention to return to an easy focus…the mantra…after experiencing silent pure awareness the gap where the mantra isn’t present.  In time your mind will have this ability all of the time and every thought will have full creative power.


So hard to grasp.  I must just remember baby steps.  Everything in baby steps.  Bits and pieces.  I have faith that it will come together as best as possible, in the perfect way for me, when I am ready.  Like with learning to live my life without alcohol, one day at a time, faking it ’til making it, I shall continue on my meditation journey.  Just remember, in time.

Thank you for sharing this meditation with me.  I look forward to your feedback and sharing this journey with you!

With warmest aloha, Dee Harris

For those looking for reminders to help you stay present and focused, please visit my website at www.DeesignsByHarris.com.  Mahalo and enjoy!


As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “My awareness is focused.  My awareness is focused.”  Now let’s prepare for our meditation.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply.  With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Ksham Hoom.”  This mantra easily collects the diverse tendencies of the mind into a single impulse or point of focus.  As you repeat the mantra let your awareness easily draw into your silent center of attention.  Repeat it silently to yourself, “Ksham Hoom.”  With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.

Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra “Ksham Hoom.  Ksham Hoom.  Ksham Hoom.”  Please continue with your meditation.  I’ll mind the time.  And when it’s time to end you’ll hear me ring a soft bell.  “Ksham Hoom.  Ksham Hoom.  Ksham Hoom.”  Just mentally, “Ksham Hoom.  Ksham Hoom.  Ksham Hoom.”

Chopra Center Meditation 

The Matrix of Manifestation: Unbounded Awareness

Energy of Attraction

Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

Day 9

The Matrix of Manifestation: Unbounded Awareness

“I am not absentminded. It is the presence of mind that makes me unaware of
everything else.”  G.K. Chesterton

The skill of manifestation is in using our awakened self-awareness. There are three components to this awareness: expanded consciousness, focused consciousness, and fluid consciousness. The unity of these three creates the matrix of manifestation. Today we will learn about the first aspect: unbounded awareness. This unbounded awareness is our silent, expanded self. It is the un-manifest potentiality from which everything emerges.

In today’s meditation, we will open up to this still, pure self and begin to know it as a unified field of infinite possibilities. In time our meditation experience will mature, and we will learn to think and act from this creative silence, while the mind remains quiet and calm. Our awareness stays unbounded even when the mind has an intention or desire.


What a great gift, and weight off my shoulders, to finally be able to quiet my head and live from my heart.  The honor student, perfectionist, intellect is now gone.  She doesn’t serve me anymore.  No more rationalizations.  No more worry.  Just staying in the moment and breezing by from my heart.  Choose, Dee, devil on the shoulder talking to you from your head or angel on the shoulder nurturing you from your heart?


I am pure unbounded awareness.


Om Hreem
I see the unity behind diversity.


Welcome friends to Day 9 – Unbounded Awareness.  Now that’s something.  From the moment you open your eyes from the miracle of a new day, and every day, is a miracle.  You are conscious that you really are awake.  You’re aware that you’re breathing and moving and thinking.  The more you know your true self, the deeper your soul awareness, the more powerful is your potential to manifest.

We connect with pure unbounded awareness every time we step away from our hurried lives and get silent.  Give yourself some space just to be.  And embrace the stillness, this oneness, with the source of all things.  Source Energy, we call it, is the path to manifesting the life that your soul, your true self, most deeply desires.  Week 2 is all about manifesting this truth.

As your awareness expands so do the blessed possibilities before you… exponentially.  Know that as far deep and wide as you can imagine, that which created you, the universal energy, the divine source force of all beings, can see and create beyond.  Beyond actually resides in the center of your soul and from deep within your center…beyond…is where the universe is guiding you, if you’re paying attention.


I’m so glad I’m learning to live in the moment…in that space right in front of my nose.  And to have faith that everything within and around me is absolutely perfect.  I no longer have to dwell on my past but to use it to gain access to my higher self.  I no longer have to worry about the future as that would mean I am shitting on this moment in front of my nose, that is perfect, and I can never get it back.

When I’m present in the moment I am able to connect with my Higher Power, that which many call the universe, or God, or nature.  My Higher Power consists of them all, and more, and is given permission by me to be in control of my will and my life.  I let God do the driving in our pink convertible Cadillac while we journey through life.  I get to tag along in the passenger seat anxiously awaiting what God has in store for me, teaching me, guiding me, introducing me, nurturing me.

And when I am in that strong connection with my Higher Power I can feel nothing but gratitude and humility.  The blessing surround me.  He has given me a purpose that I am finally ready to take on…”Share your Experience, Strength and Hope with everyone I put into your ‘Dee Bubble’ today.” 

So when God knew that Dee was ready…”When the student is ready, the Master appears”…He pulled me out of the depths of hell in my active alcoholism, guided, nurtured, introduced me to sobriety, and let me taste freedom and goodness.  But remember Dee, “You can’t keep it unless you give it away.”


So let’s try and go there now and join with the infinite power of the universe by meditating on the miracle of it all.


The art of desire is the art of using your self-awareness.  The more you know yourself, the more you can manifest what you want.  The energy of attraction fills an infinite reservoir.  This is pure awareness before it flows out into specific desires.


Self-awareness was foreign to me until I worked the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with a trusted sponsor.  This is where the real light bulb shines!  Discovering me…who I am…what makes me tick…and why?  Holy Moly.  I soaked this up like a sponge and continue to do this on a daily basis. 

This is exciting stuff and helps me to make sense of it all.  I’m finally able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  All because a Power Greater Than Myself had a grander purpose for me.

And as I get to live as the new Dee, the real Dee, I feel a love and acceptance for myself that I’ve never felt before.  When I bottomed out in my disease I absolutely hated and loathed myself.  I didn’t even deserve a space on this planet.  But today being true to myself and not caring what anyone thinks of me (except me and my God), living a truly rigorous honest life, I am witnessing a pull of people being drawn into my bubble.  It’s awesome!


Think of pure awareness as a field of light extending infinitely in all directions.  Here every possibility can become manifest.  Anything you can imagine becomes real here.  So how do you transfer a desire from this infinite field to your daily life?

The Spiritual Tradition of India known as yoga describes three elements that must come together.  The first of these is the ability to go deep into the mind.  The closer you get to your source, the more powerful your intention will be.  To experience unbounded awareness is called Samadhi in Sanskrit.  The name isn’t important.  The important thing is to realize that unbounded awareness is real and you can contact it through meditation.


OK.  I’m fairly new with yoga and meditation.  To go deep into my mind is a scary place for me to be.  I was relieved to finally stop being a “thinker” and finally being a “feeler”.  Letting my heart, or gut, lead me and help me to make wise choices seems to work way better for me today that rationalizing the hell out of any unhealthy thought that pops into my mind.

But the hamster wheel still turns pretty rapidly in my brain, way more often that I would like.  But when I am finally able to quiet my mind and get back in touch with my feelings seems to bring me closer to my Source, my intentions, and my unbounded awareness.


When you experience unbounded awareness, it will often seem that nothing has happened because we’re all used to bounded awareness which is filled with the thoughts, feelings, sensations and images constantly flowing through the mind.  In between each thought, however, is a gap of silence.  In meditation you dive into the gap and each time you do you have tasted the experience of unbounded awareness.  In this silence is the core of your existence.


So I’m hoping that when I can finally have a moment when my mind is quiet that I am, indeed, experiencing unbounded awareness.  It definitely feels right.  I feel in a higher place.


Pure awareness may be silent but it isn’t really empty and far from blank.  Here you’re united with everything in creation.  Here, also, you’re completely wakeful making you aware of who you really are.  One can call this region of the mind the Womb of Creation or the Matrix of Manifestation. 

As you say the mantra in meditation there will be gaps where the mantra has disappeared but other thoughts haven’t entered.  It’s quite incredible from the viewpoint of the active mind that these seemingly insignificant blips of silence contain the true power of mind.  But that’s what the World’s Wisdom Traditions teach.  Now you know the first ingredient necessary for manifestation…unbounded awareness.

As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “I am pure unbounded awareness.  I am pure unbounded awareness.”  Now let’s prepare for our meditation.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply.  With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Om Hreem.”  This mantra dissolves the illusion between the self and the object of experience or thought.  As you repeat the mantra notice awareness becoming alert, still and unbounded.  Repeat it silently to yourself, “Om Hreem.”  With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.


Definitely the mantra du jour.  Dissolving the illusion between the self and the object of experience or thought.  Fake it ’til I make it, just like I did when learning to live without alcohol.  Baby steps.  One day at a time.  And slowly it makes sense…”When the student is ready, the Master appears.”

Thank you for being here.  I appreciate your presence and any feedback that you would like to share.  Know that you are never alone on any journey through life.  Together we can get through anything!

With warmest Aloha,

Dee Harris

For those interested in Art with a Message of spirituality and inspiration such as the mosaic above, please visit my website at www.DeesignsByHarris.com.  Mahalo and enjoy!


Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, “Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.”  Please continue with your meditation.  I’ll mind the time and when it’s time to end you’ll hear me ring a soft bell.  “Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.”  Just mentally, “Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.  Om Hreem.”

Chopra Center Meditation

The Royal Road to Manifestation

Energy of Attraction

Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

Day 8

The Royal Road to Manifestation

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.” ― Brian Tracy

Welcome to the second week of our 21-Day Meditation Experience. In the first week we learned the role of desire in our spiritual fulfillment. This week we will focus on mastering the art of desire to manifest the quality of life we want.

We are always creating our world through our desires, but not always as successfully as we would like. That is why we need to master the art of desire. The reason most intentions do not manifest easily and quickly is because our mind cannot remain alert and attentive with the emerging intention and see it all the way through to its manifestation. To have conscious intention we need expansive, focused, and flexible awareness. Today’s meditation will help awaken this alert consciousness within our desires.


My intention holds the key to fulfillment.


Chit Sankalpa
My unbounded awareness holds my pure intention.


Welcome to week two.  We’re ready to master the art of desire.  That’s what we’re talking about today.  Last week we set the foundation for manifesting the life we want by tapping into the truest, most whole intentions within.  During our second week of this 21-Day Meditation Experience we want to shift our focus toward shaping our desires and then mastering the creative process of actually realizing your dreams.  

There’s a key to turning a dream into a reality and that key is having a conscious intention.  In our busy world it’s easy just to slide into a rhythm of being unconscious and going through the motions and moving through your days with little thought about what you’re saying or doing…just getting caught up.  

Manifesting desires is about being awake to life.  As your awareness expands the possibilities of what you can attract in life also expand.  Becoming aware of your life, of every moment, every breath, every thought, being conscious about that, will move you closer toward your highest self, the person you were born to be.  And that, my friends, is what it means to be fully present.  It’s what it means to be aligned.  And it is the most expedient path to fulfilling your deepest, grandest dreams.


Being in the moment, this present time in front of my nose.  That is where I strive to be and strive to stay.  But that takes work and consciousness.

Being an alcoholic in recovery has gifted my the opportunity of taking my journey through life to a whole new level.  It has given me purpose.  It has given me “me”.  It has given me spirituality.  It has given me a Power Greater Than Myself over to which I can turn my will and my life.

With these gifts I now realize how important it is for me to stay in the present moment.  My past is behind me and I’m not going backwards.  The future may never appear and I’m so all right with that.  Because this present moment is perfect and all I need.

Being present centers me and reminds me that I am not in control, that my Higher Power is and taking me on a journey to bring me to my highest good.  When the student is ready, the Master appears.  Being present reminds me how grateful I am, and humble to be here.  That I was chosen for this gift of sobriety to share my Experience, Strength and Hope with those who enter my “Dee Bubble”.


So we’re going to listen in now as Deepak guides us toward that expanded awareness and then we’ll meditate.


The second week of our meditation experience is about mastering the art of desire.  Both skill and art are involved because even though everyone is born with desires making them come true takes knowledge and experience.

As we saw in week one every intention is tied to the energy of attraction.  Our lives are filled with the things we’ve manifested.  Manifesting is a life-long process and yet some are much better at it than others.

Society offers various ways to improve your ability to make a desire come true.  Work harder.  Don’t give up.  Nourish your passion and so on.  There are also unspoken advantages such as being born to wealth or with a high IQ which benefit only a few.  But the World’s Wisdom Traditions look elsewhere for the secret of manifesting what you want.

Conscious intention holds the key.  By becoming more conscious we make the creative process more efficient and more aligned to our highest purpose.  It’s all about expanded awareness.  With expanded awareness you automatically see more possibilities.  You aren’t constrained by past conditioning, dramas, and painful memories.  You rise above the level of the problem to the level of the solution.  Above all you activate more of the energy of attraction.


Wow!  Conscious intention.  What was that when I was active in the disease of alcoholism and couldn’t go a day without drinking?  My life revolved around the next drink.  I was relinquishing my kids, my husband, my home, my job, my everything…but the saddest, I had lost myself.

But crazy where this journey takes me.  Because of no plan of my own I missed a shift at work because I didn’t “come to” to get myself there like a did a thousand times before.  In humiliation I reach out for help.  I get conscious.  I get a purpose.  I taste expanded awareness.


It took thousands of years for great sages, seers, guides and teachers to realize what I’ve told you in a few sentences.  You can’t think, feel or force your way into expanded consciousness.  Fortunately, the path is simple and open to all.

Meditation practice expands your awareness day by day bringing better results in your outer life.  Once your meditations make you comfortable and centered in silence, you can consciously desire and let go.  Silent mind is where all possibilities are contained in seed-form, waiting for the touch of intention to bring them to life.  This is the basis for mastering the art of desire.  You are the creator in your life and fulfillment is your work of art.


With the gift of being chosen by my Higher Power to be live a sober life, I have been graced with a spiritual life.  I was introduced to spirituality in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and like a sponge and the alcoholic that I am I wanted more.  I begin meditating.  I begin practicing yoga.  And today, in this present moment, I am content.

My journey, fitting the pieces of my life puzzle together, is all starting to make sense, in my gut (as I prefer to stay as far away from my head as possible today).  I realize that there are no coincidences.  I must surrender to and accept this life that has been presented on my plate.  So easy.  So freeing.  So “I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Thank you for being here and sharing.  I encourage any and all feedback as we are on our journey TOGETHER.  So comforting to now know that none of us has to trudge our roads of happy destiny alone.

With warmest Aloha, Dee Harris

For those interested in Art with a Message of Hope and Purpose, please visit my website at www.DeesignsByHarris.com.  Mahalo and enjoy!


As we prepare to mediate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “My intention holds the key to fulfillment.  My intention holds the key to fulfillment.”  Now let’s prepare for our meditation.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Begin to become aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply.  With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Chit Sankalpa.”  This mantra awakens consciousness within your desires or intentions.  As you repeat the mantra feel your light of awareness grow brighter and stronger in your thoughts.  Repeat it silently to yourself, “Chit Sankalpa.”  With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.

Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises, or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, Chit Sankalpa.  Chit Sankalpa.  Chit Sankalpa.”

Please continue with your meditation.  I’ll mind the time and when it’s time to end you’ll hear me ring a soft bell.  “Chit Sankalpa.  Chit Sankalpa.  Chit Sankalpa.”  Just mentally, “Chit Sankalpa.  Chit Sankalpa.  Chit Sankalpa.”

Chopra Meditation Center

Your Deepest Desire

Energy of Attraction

Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

Day 7

Your Deepest Desire

“In the desire of the One to know Himself, we exist.”― Rumi

Congratulations! Today we complete the first week of our journey together. This week we have learned about the power of our desires and how to use Nature to fulfill them. We have learned that happiness and fulfillment are our birthright, and that the most effective way to manifest our dreams is also the easiest way.

Today we discover that our deepest desire is for spiritual awakening, which is the state of fulfillment and completeness. All other desires are variations on this basic desire for actualization. Every desire is a fragment of our being that seeks awakening, completion, and wholeness.



My deepest desire is for completeness.


Ananda Hum
I am pure bliss.

Welcome to Day 7 – Your Deepest Desire. Well, we’re already completing our first week of connecting with our dreams and how to fulfill them. I’m hoping you’re feeling the energy of attraction within you in a new way. Can you see it showing up?

We’ve begun to align with the deepest part of ourselves where we find the connective tissue between our desires and the power that’s waiting to help manifest them. We’ve seen how desiring from the level of your truest self and trusting the universe to respond to that truth, that’s how you get what you want.

It’s the most powerful path to fulfillment. Focusing, getting clear, embracing positive emotions, surrendering and moving with the current of your true-self. These are the cornerstones of manifesting the life you want.

Today Deepak brings us back to the place where our most whole, powerful intentions reside…within…that is the source of joy, the source of freedom, the source of wholeness. It’s the core from which the energy of attraction gets lit up. There we’ll take the next steps toward making our real dreams, the true ones, come into being.

My energy of attraction is totally different today than when I was active in my disease of alcoholism. As a matter of fact, I felt anything but whole. While I sat in Group in a 28- day alcohol treatment program, the group was asked to repeat every morning an affirmation we came up for ourselves. Mine was “I am a good person. I am a whole person,” but in my mind I was neither good nor whole and I hated myself for getting into a place where I couldn’t go a day without drinking.

On my new journey in recovery and with the help of the treatment program, Alcoholics Anonymous, and learning self-care through meditation experiences such as this, I am finally in touch with my true-self. And a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am finally feeling the joy, freedom and wholeness the Universe, Nature, God, my Higher Power has intended for me!


Congratulations for completing the first week of our meditation experience. You’ve acquired the foundation for turning intentions into reality. I’m sure there have been surprises along the way because this vision of effortlessly achieving what you want isn’t like the conventional advice given by society.

In my sobriety I have been painstakingly trying to unlearn the conventional advice given me by society. It definitely didn’t nurture my highest good. With the help of AA’s 12 Steps and working with a trusted sponsor, I have learned how fear-based I have behaved most of my life. Because of society!

So I am unlearning that “more is better”, more money, more power, more stuff. I am unlearning to gain your approval because your approval doesn’t serve me. I am unlearning to put these superficial goals first and to take care of me, to nurture me, to love me for who and what I am. I am finally free to be myself!

You’ve learned that the world in here is connected to the world out there which means that your intentions can flow from your true self to find fulfillment in every area of life. People may spend a lot of time and energy making their desires very, very specific. But what really gives any desire its power is how strongly it’s connected to the ground of being…the true-self.

Behind every desire, however small, is the energy of attraction, which brings the outcome of desire. The energy of attraction is most powerful near the source, just as electricity is most powerful when it comes out of the generator. Therefore, your deepest desires are actually the easiest to fulfill.

No doubt this comes as a surprise since conventional wisdom holds just the opposite. Your deepest desires can come true naturally and without struggle because your deepest desires are signals from your true-self. The force of evolution in the universe supports whatever is true and promotes harmonious growth.

The desires people spend the most time chasing after, such as more money, a better job, and a bigger home, also employ the energy of attraction. But the path that follows is weaker and more indirect. Why? Because the focus is on the external goal not on consciousness.

This isn’t to judge against getting a nicer life, but when you pursue love, beauty, creativity, innovation, meaning and a higher vision of life, the energy of attraction becomes much stronger. Its strength comes from wholeness. The more whole you are, the more powerful your intentions.

It’s the same as seeing a whole picture of Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon instead of the scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The picture is there in the scattered pieces, but it’s not whole enough to recognize.

A secret of the World’s Wisdom Traditions is that every single desire, no matter how small, is working toward one goal…to make you more complete. Only through feeling whole will you feel fulfilled. Through meditation you get in touch with the primal desire for wholeness, happiness and freedom. Let this be your personal vision. We should also embrace every smaller, more specific desire along the way.


Getting sober has allowed me to put the pieces of “my” puzzle together and start to make sense of this journey called my life. It’s been magical. It’s been meaningful. And it’s been necessary to bring me to the place today, which is right where I am supposed to be…and it is perfect!

Today I feel complete, whole, fulfilled and content. Just like The Promises state in the AA Big Book, “You will find a new happiness and a new freedom”. I have, indeed, found these gifts, along with immense gratitude. And today I have been given a purpose and excitement to give back what was so freely given me in my despair. I “get to” share my Experience, Hope and Strength with everyone who enters my “Dee Bubble”, offering respect, mindfulness, compassion and love.

Thank you for being here for me. Know that I am here for you so please contact me anytime. Together we can get through anything and make our world a better place!

With warmest aloha, Dee Harris

For those interested in Art with Affirmations and Inspiration, please visit my website at http://www.DeesignsByHarris.com. Mahalo and enjoy!

As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “My deepest desire is for completeness. My deepest desire is for completeness.” Now let’s prepare for our meditation.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Begin to become aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply. With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Ananda Hum.” This mantra awakens the state of fulfillment that is your true self. As you repeat the mantra feel the sense of completeness, the joy and sense of wholeness of your inner being. Repeat it silently to yourself, “Ananda Hum.” With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.

Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, “Ananda Hum. Ananda Hum. Ananda Hum.”

Please continue with your meditation. I’ll mind the time and when it’s time to end you’ll hear me ring a soft bell. “Ananda Hum. Ananda Hum. Ananda Hum.” Just mentally, “Ananda Hum. Ananda Hum. Ananda Hum.”

From The Chopra Center.

The Power of Attention

Energy of Attraction

Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.


Day 6

The Power of Attention


My attention activates my desires.

Hum Sa
Unboundedness is my true nature.


Welcome. It’s Day 6 already – The Power of Attention is what we’re talking about today. Hah, the power of attention. It’s such a perfect name for today’s meditation because attention really is your power source. Nothing in your life happens willy-nilly. You’re creating your own reality by what you choose your attention to and what you give your attention to, what you focus on, expands.


My focus is to stay in the present moment, to be mindful of what is right in front of my nose. It’s not easy while the hamster wheel is spinning around in my head. But if I can have the hamster take just a short time-out, I can remind myself to get mindful, respectful, compassionate and caring. Then I start to get OK. From there I remember to get grateful and humble and remember I’m just along for the ride while my Higher Power takes me to where I need to go in my life.


How often have you heard others say or you even thought to yourself, “I’m just trying to make it through this day.” It’s no surprise that if that is your attitude the energy that you bring to the day, that’s exactly what happens. You barely just make it through the day, rather than fully flourish.

What we dwell on and focus on is what we receive. So if you want more in your life, more connection, more meaning, more fulfillment, you have to learn to shift your attention, your power source to something deeper and truer. And from that pure and sacred place you can attract more abundance and goodness into your life. It’s bigger than any dream that you’ve ever imagined for yourself.


This is so true, and I’m not too keen on believing in what isn’t tangible. But it works. I’ve tried it. So if I turn my will and my life over to the care of a god of my own understanding, and that includes my to-do list, I listen to my gut and then I do the footwork of what feel right at that moment.

I tend to not be so stressed out because I’m not in control. But what needs to get done, gets done! And when I’m able to just go with the flow, my life flows more fluidly without the rapids. Go figure. Can’t explain it, except for this newfound freedom must be attracting more of the same.


So let’s focus our attention on Deepak’s wisdom in today’s meditation and watch and see what shows up.


If you want a dream to come true, it takes more than dreaming. The mind needs to focus in a special way, using the power of intention. Electric current in a house can be strong or weak and the same holds true for our intentions. Whenever there’s a problem with your electricity, it can exist anywhere along the line, beginning at the power station. In the case of having an intention that comes true, the power source is attention.



When I feel my mind, body or spirit is having a problem with my “electric current” I immediately see if I’m in H.A.L.T. (hungry, angry, lonely or tired). Usually I am and I tend to it quickly. Self-care is key for me that has never been my priority before getting sober. Today I am grateful to not have to pick up a drink and to have learned how to not only care for myself, but to love myself. I never did or had this when I was active in my disease.


What you pay attention to will grow. And if your attention is focused from the level of the true-self, it can attract anything and everything to you. In a word, attention activates the energy of attraction. Every wish or desire is like a tiny seed which contains the blueprint for the tree that manifests from the seed.

The seed of desire, which is also the seed of every intention, needs nourishment to grow. If you want a desire to manifest, here are some important ways to put the right attention on it.
•Have a clear intention. Don’t muddy it with compromises and excuses for why it won’t come true.

•Have positive emotions around your desire. Feel how good it will be to fulfill it. Believe that what you want is beneficial for you, without any negative consequences to those around you.
•Be prepared for any response the universe brings and be flexible about how you go from there. Feel confident that hidden forces will come to your aid once your desire is released to the universe.

Having the faith that my Higher Power, God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it, makes all the difference in the world. If I have an intention and my Higher Power believes that I am ready for it to come to fruition, then it does. If it doesn’t, I don’t pout or cop a resentment because I know that I am not ready for it at this time in my life.

There are no coincidences. Everything in my life has happened and is happening for a reason…and that reason is for my highest good. If the student isn’t ready, then the Master doesn’t appear. Period. Move on, Dee.

And if I choose to live an optimistic and positive life with that kind of attitude, that is what I reap. More of the same. My glass is always half-full, no matter how tragic the circumstances around me. Again, I am not in control of people, places or things. I have to learn to go with the flow…which is life…and know I’m doing my best.


Being able to use your attention in this way depends most of all on your state of consciousness. Desires that originate in the true-self easily reach fulfillment. Desires that arise in an agitated, worried, confused mind will struggle to be fulfilled.

In meditation you expand and deepen your awareness. The more this happens the less effort is required to have successful intentions. When we allow our intentions to flow from the silence that is the basis of the mind, the energy of attraction automatically obeys what the mind desires.


Such a great gift…sobriety! Again, no coincidences my journey from living in the depths of hell in my disease to the place I am today. Not only was I able to learn about the disease of alcoholism in rehab, I got to learn who and what I am by working the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Wow! It all makes so much sense now. It’s so much easier now, just surrendering everything and being the real me having learned who I am by working the Steps. I no longer have to live in fear of your thoughts of me. I can be comfortable in my own skin. I can love myself. And I can share my Experience, Strength and Hope with all who enter my Dee Bubble. How magical is that? because I know if I don’t give it away, I can’t keep it (I tried and found myself in that deep, dark place once again).

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion, my optimism and hope. And please leave a feedback if you wish. I love sharing our stories!

With warmest aloha, Dee Harris

For those looking for Inspirational Art with a Message of Hope and Optimism, please visit my website at http://www.DeesignsByHarris.com. Mahalo and enjoy!


As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “My attention activates my desires. My attention activates my desires.” Now let’s prepare for our meditation. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply. With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Hum Sa.” This mantra activates the transformative attention of pure awareness. As you repeat the mantra feel the awakening of your powerful attention. Repeat it silently to yourself, “Hum Sa.” With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.

Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises, or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, “Hum Sa. Hum Sa. Hum Sa.” Please continue with your meditation. I’ll mind the time and when it’s time to end you’ll hear me ring a soft bell. “Hum Sa. Hum Sa. Hum Sa.” Just mentally, “Hum Sa. Hum Sa. Hum Sa.”

The Chopra Center

The Fulfillment of Desire

Energy of Attraction

Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

Day 5

The Fulfillment of Desire

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”― Erich Fromm

Today’s meditation addresses our sense of self-worth and its impact on fulfilling our desires. Your true self – your core consciousness, is divine. You are pure light, love, joy, and fulfillment. You deserve happiness and the fulfillment of your desires, because happiness and fulfillment are your essential nature.

In today’s meditation, we will experience our inner selves and know our true worth. As our experience of our real self becomes stronger, so does our awareness that we are deserving of all that is good. You don’t have to do anything to be deserving – you already are deserving.


I deserve complete fulfillment.


Shreem Kleem Namah
I attract abundance from my true self.


Welcome to Day 5 – The Fulfillment of Desire.  Worthiness is your birthright.  That’s what I’m here to tell you.  I’m here to let you know, for sure, that you are enough.  You are whole and complete simply because you were born.

When it comes to manifesting the lives we now most desire we attract the strongest support from the universe, when we start from a place of filling fulfilled and abundant, not from a place of lack.  Think for a moment about how the energy of attraction works.  Like attracts like.  That is the law.  So the energy of deficiency brings you more deficiency.

As you embrace and connect with your wholeness, your true self, you align with the most powerful energy in the universe, that which is the source of all things.  I’m calling it source energy which is ready and waiting to flow with you, to help you, support you, in all that you desire.

As Deepak leads us into our meditation today, open your heart to the truth that you are complete.  You are one-hundred percent complete just as you are.  In that knowingness you can attract all that you are complete true-self desires.  Deepak is going to show us how fulfillment is the exquisite basis of our very existence and then we’ll meditate.


You know, before I got sober I felt so empty, void of anything that gave me happiness or purpose, and, for sure, I had no self-worth.  As a matter of fact I would look at myself in the mirror at place at “L” over my forehead and call myself “looser”.  I was in a pretty pathetic place.

I know now that that was the journey I was meant to take to bring me to where I am today.  I would so not appreciate my life today, nor myself, had I not trudged that road.  And I know now that it was by the Grace of God (my Higher Power of My Own Understanding that was introduced to me in an alcohol treatment program and later in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous) that I was chosen to carry a message of Experience, Strength and Hope with whoever enters my Dee Bubble.


We have a desire because we feel a lack.  Just as hunger makes you eat when your stomach is empty.  There is a sense of need behind every desire.  Need is double-edged.  If it’s part of growing, expanding, and evolving, need is good.  Everyone benefits from the need to explore who they are, to find more love, to reach for the highest.

But the other side of need is feeling that you yourself are not enough.  You need more things, more money, more food, more distractions, because otherwise you feel empty.  The energy of attraction will be weak if this is your motivation.  After all, how could a person with a bad self-image harness power?

At the level of your true-self you already feel complete.  You are whole.  The only thing the true-self wants is to see you whole, also, which involves growth, expansion and evolution.  Just being yourself you direct the energy of attraction where it needs to go.  There’s no need for massive will-power.  Because fulfillment is our true nature, our birthright, the energy of attraction is working for us in a positive direction.  That is it’s natural tendency.


As I started to work the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with a trusted sponsor, I came to realize how fear-based I had lived most of my life.  In looking back over the decades I can see how living in a society that promotes more power, money, good looks, and things doesn’t do any of us any service.  It just makes us all feel less than

So I never felt good enough which led me to becoming an over-achiever.  I had to have your approval because I didn’t feel good about myself.  I put your thoughts over myself and over the needs of my family.  I was so insecure.  Thus, with such a bad self-image I kept reaping what I sowed…more negativity in the depths of my alcoholism.

When I completed working the 12 Steps with my sponsor I was so excited about the changes that were happening in my life…and in me!  It all started to make sense as I learned what made me tick.  A weight has been lifted from my shoulders all due to being sober and learning to live a spiritual life.

Today I live from my heart and not my head.  I no longer have to react.  I no longer have to be in control as I have a Higher Power that protects and guides me.  He teaches me what I need to learn and introduces me to who I need to meet.  There are no coincidences.  This is His journey for me to grow and become a better human being.

I can be mindful and respectful of you and your opinions.  We are all equal here on this earth; no one is any better or worse than the next.  I have not walked in your shoes, nor you in mine, so I can offer you compassion and genuine caring.

I have been gifted the ability to live in the moment and to have faith that everything is perfect at this moment.  And with that I can remain grateful and humble as I have not done this on my own.  My Higher Power is in control and has awarded me a wealth of like-minded people who walk the same path as me.  We support each other; we nurture each other.


But we make the decisions.  Our personal choices defines what gets attracted to us.  If you feel unworthy or guilty about desiring good things for ourselves, it means we do not know our true-self.

Once set in motion a desire brings more than one isolated result.  All desires are woven together in our lives.  A new car, a new love interest, a new faith each speaks to how we see ourselves.  The self we identify with.  And that is always changing.  When we desire with conscious awareness we are connecting to what the true-self wants for us.  In a word, the next thing you want is the best thing for you.


So today I feel comfortable in my own skin.  I love myself for who and what I am.  I strive to give what was so freely given me when I needed it most.  I am thankful when I go to bed that I did the best I could and that’s good enough.  I am excited when I wake up to new experiences and new growth.

Living with the viewpoint that the glass is half-full has given me such a contentment and fulfillment that I never knew I lacked.  The relationships in my life grow stronger everyday because I can just be myself and I can be rigorously honest without the fear of what anyone thinks of me.  I have done my best.

We are all deserving, worthy and whole.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Do your best to unlearn what society has pounded into our souls since birth.  Be true to yourself and let your inner child out and run free!  And know you are never alone on your journey.  Don’t deprive us of helping you out and don’t deprive us of the gift that you are!

Thank you for being here.  I encourage feedback.  No judgements, just the respect you deserve.  With warmest aloha, Dee Harris

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As we prepare to meditate together let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, “I deserve complete fulfillment.  I deserve complete fulfillment.”  Now let’s prepare for our meditation.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe, slowly and deeply.  With each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Now gently introduce the mantra, “Shreem Kleem Namah.”  This mantra affirms that you deserve the fulfillment of all your deepest desires.  As you repeat the mantra feel that you’re drawing divine abundance into your life by being deserving, worthy, and whole.  Repeat it silently to yourself, “Shreem Kleem Namah.”  With each repetition feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.

Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, “Shreem Kleem Namah.  Shreem Kleem Namah.  Shreem Kleem Namah.”  Please continue with your meditation.

I’ll mind the time and when it’s time to end, you’ll here me ring a soft bell.  “Shreem Kleem Namah.  Shreem Kleem Namah.  Shreem Kleem Namah.”  Just mentally, “Shreem Kleem Namah.  Shreem Kleem Namah.  Shreem Kleem Namah.”

From the Chopra Center.